Designed to Kill: An Artless Kali System | TriCom

This video is intended for educational 7 entertainment purposes only. ** Jared Wihongi is an international Special Forces CQC Instructor. He developed a Kali …

33 thoughts on “Designed to Kill: An Artless Kali System | TriCom

  1. Watcher says:

    No such thing as Artless, artless is street fighting, I don't mean the type of street fighting people train I mean 2 guys just start fighting- that's artless, this is still an art. Fantastic though.

  2. joggsfan says:

    As he whispers "operator" after his flashy kill strikes. I'm surprised instructor zero isn't doing tactical rolls in the background w Doug M shadow boxing w a knife.

  3. Soul Chicken says:

    I would have done him up like a regular Joe–no cool guy gear, and no sidearm. I think it would have made more sense like that–directed at the majority of Soldiers and away from the "operators and wannabe operators only" club. Plus it would do away with the, "why doesn't he just draw his sidearm" arguments. Which I'm sure have an answer, I'm just saying…

  4. AngryPanda says:

    guys guys, chill…he was going "whishhh!" with every strike, that means he's serious. I need to know this before I start my magpul dynamic videos! lol

  5. starshipfantastica says:

    It is almost like you all don't talk to one another. Funker Tactical has some very solid, realistic, real life experienced common sense instructors..but mixed in you have horse shit, tactical mall ninja wannabe stuff that will get you killed. This video smells. You got an air soft commando raining down hammer fist on a someone laying totally compliant?

  6. John Davis says:

    this whole knife fighting and martial arts shit is retarded, how many "operators" actually use this stuff in the field when they have firearms. I'm sure the guys who got bin Laden learned hand to hand stuff but didn't focus on it. they focused on what actually mattered and that's their firearms

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