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  1. Десантник Из Милана says:

    Интересно, те, кто ставит минусы, вообще понимают, что это традиционная техника, сформировавшаяся в течение столетий в ходе реальных поединков. Эта техника, доведенная до совершенства, на улице будет совершенно реальной и эффективной, и на высокой скорости будет выглядеть гораздо эффектней. Только за то, что мастер Росси сохраняет эти традиции и культуру, передает их новому поколению, надо очень ценить, а итальянцы подобных людей вообще на руках носить должны.

  2. antonioeduardo617 says:

    For all the appreciators of genuine Filipino martial arts: IT IS NOT that the italian tradition "resembles" the filipino traditional: it is (and historically proved) that the Italian systems were incorporated into the filipino martial arts (through the spanish empire/kingdom of Naples and Sicily + Duchy of Milan + Grand Duchy of Tuscany + Venetia). The point vs. cut policy is A GENUINE ROMAN ITALIAN INVENTION, and this martial principle is at the basis of every single italian late tradition. Every martial system of the world that has been in contact with the Spanish Empire/italian system of point to focus point has brought it inside its own tradition (as per the filipino martial arts).

    Danilo Rossi Lajolo di Cossano has the great merit of having shown after years all the possible faces and sides of this common italian roman framework of martial arts. A sort of "New Scherma Italia" that is the core of the Calix system. We are children of The Art, not of The Chance.

  3. JESAZ isunleashed says:

    up 2 world? that's it love Italian knife fighting I'm learning it to challenge my birth bro and kombat rival GEZAStheundisputed, his native north american knife martial kombat. see I'm techtronic hip hop drunken muay thai boran/chaiya,bokator, shaolin taijiquan/ fanziquan (tumbling fists) and wing tsun mixt jet li/pacquiao panantukan/pananjakman/dumog/sikaran and penkat silat wid parkour (jungle method) freerunning brazilian capoeira mixt western european savate with american kempo free style tang soo do karate next american/russian pankration sambo/judo sumbmission wrestling, spetsnaz systema/israeli krav maga special operations, filipino kali/arnis/eskrima (double batons), germanic deutsche fechtschule fencing, shaolin wushu jian fencing, naginata battlestaff fencing, shaolin 9 connection bladed steel whip, double persian broad sword sabres and finally 3 section grundle ( 3 baton nunchuku).."GOD"..xx"LOVE'z"xx you all..4 the mercy in the lamb..F*T*W..FREE THE WORLD..uRAh!!..A f**ken"MEN"..

  4. Robert Deskins says:

    I have spent my entire life in the study of combatives & warfare. I am 32;
    my first E.D.C. was a Old Timer fixed-blade at 8 years old,
    now a Ti-Lite VI (R F pocket) a karambit/modern tonto/13" 11oz flat sap (L B poket)- When it gets volatile around me add either a Dan Wesson snub .357 or Tanfoglio S.A. 25 acp. [@ home: Moss. 500 Persuader & Rem. 870 Xpressmag (sb) both modified with ATI scorpion 2 parts]

    Whole family has been bikers, soldiers, armed security, M.P.'s or, C.O.'s (we rowdy), a guy I trained was picked-up by a reputable MMA team in Sacramento, CA. I have lived in the hood, been in fights, been stabbed (6 times-nerve dmg. both legs)….

    M° Danilo Rossi Lajolo di Cossano in this video shows some fantastic counters, always with a speed and fluid grace you really don't expect from such a big guy- the back step to tendon/bicep slash at 2:20 could have also been a handshake or an
    arm-bar… Just another example of the fact that Italians & Sicilians are just plain old cooler than the rest us!
    Cheers B-)

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