Defuse a Situation from Your Car



Road rage events occur every day all around the world. Sometimes the “attacker” can come very quickly to your car. In that case you should try to defuse the …

30 thoughts on “Defuse a Situation from Your Car

  1. Matthias633 says:

    Nice video, good tips. Defusing makes total sense first, when egos clash things escalate. If clear in front could hit the gas. Good to move back from window and have hand up too, looks like youÔÇÖre just talking.

    Went to a vehicle defense seminar last year, keep doors locked too, it is actually amazing if someone reaches in you can turn and brace knees on door, it pulls attacker off their feet quickly and we kept almost banging our head (when the attacker) on the roofline or door frame.

    Also having a tactical pen, keys, knife, or ?? in the door pocket or your drink holder can provide a hidden surprise weapon if needed.

    You have many good videos dealing with a lot of various situations, helps promote learning. Thank you.

  2. Lennart Konst says:

    I thought if you really have to get out and fight somehow you might just take your keys and go out through the right door quickly before they can walk around and grab you.

  3. Fell Man says:

    I ran into a similar situation with my dad. He was driving with me in the back to the bank. We passed this guy who was in his truck sitting still. As my dad passes this guy, the dude honks his horn. When my dad reached the bank the guy pulls up next to him, lowers his window, and yells at him a bit and tells my dad what he did wrong. My dad rolled down his window too, and he apologized rather submissively. The guy sad "Yeah, you better apologize!" and drove off. I felt rather stomped down on by the guy and felt defeated. While, I realize the guy could've been a bit dangerous, I felt my dad was REALLY submissive.

    This video seems to help though. I turning yourself and answering to the driver, you show that you're not afraid to encounter them whether it's your fault or not, whether you'll apologize or not. And I think that's really good. Thanks.

  4. shak abt says:

    I am 17 years old,and u helped me alot.
    I always learn how to deal with to use the place where i am standing as a weapon.
    Thx alot bro!! Keep it up,i wish u hit 1m subs
    (sry for bad eng)

  5. Marvin Hunter says:

    That door can be a wicked weapon if needed but you'd better come hard with it because you probably only get one swing.  Also, maybe pretending to not being able to hear the dude can get him to stick his head right in the line of the swing.  It's a bit of a risky move but one to remember I think.

  6. Silas Mcfarlane says:

    Hi, my name is Silas and I take karate lessons for self defence ect! My Sensei teaches when you are in a self defence situation and let's say if your tired, you still need to run/ fight if you need to! I like your videos and how they show like in a real situation! I know that teaching someone some things can save their life, but if the attacker is a super martial artist who decided to be a huge jerk would be able to counter attack the defenders attack! So I think that for you be to be a more guaranteed win is for the defender to actually train in a marshal art for self defence! I like your videos and yes I agree with what you say!

  7. dannywizz says:

    Ive been in a situation like this when my engine was still running parked in the suburbs in the middle of the night in Thailand. One guy parked in front of me stopping my escape route with his expensive motorcycle the other came up to my car window pointing a Kalashnikov at me. I managed to solve the situation by not losing time, so when he pointed the Kalashnikov in another direction I hit the Drive Gear and began slowly driving against the motorcycle which caused the guys to freak out and only focusing their attention on their expensive motorcycle but I managed to steer away from it and continue my escape.
    Then the guy with the Kalashnikov began shooting 10m from behind me but his firearm jammed. Also I crunched in low driving position just in case. My car gained more and more speed but it felt like a long, long time. Finally having him some 30-40m behind me he had managed to fix his jammed Kalashnikov and he fired a few rounds. Thankfully he missed. And I managed at high speed lose him in a curve so he lost his sight of me.
    He tried to follow me I know. But I was high on adrenaline and I drove thru the city at the highest speed possible managing to get back home safely.
    My tips for this situation is to start you car, take the initiative, don't lose time, be observant and learn how to duck. But most importantly pray in Jesus name that's what I did!!! Changing seats can be very dangerous as you need to be in control of the car and manage to start the engine.

  8. MrShysterme says:

    When I lived in a more dangerous area, I was especially aware to leave room so that if anyone messed with me I could take my truck over the curb or into the other lane and just drive off quickly.

  9. Sensei Andrew says:

    Great job Nick, classic situation. ┬áI love how you verbally defused the situation in your car. ┬áGreat tips of leaning back and shifting in your seat. ┬áKeep up the great work! ┬áAlso, can you do a video against a baseball bat, hockey stick, or any long range weapon? ┬áStay safe Nick ­čśÇ

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