Here we go over the proper way to recover and control a fallen suspect or a suspect that is blocking and pulling away.

One thought on “DEFENSIVE TACTICS SERIES Part 7 of 21

  1. TODD KEUNEKE says:

    we have alot in common I can see you do or have trained in jkd, wing chun, and kali empty hands I've been bouncing for 16 years. I just now I've seen some of your videos and I think we are kindred spirits. I agree with you even though I've been doing jkd wing chun kali silat and grappling, I agree with you I believe that jkd wing chun and kali are very good for bouncing most of the time your not going to be tangling with a professional fighter in a bar so I thing jkd wing chun kali are very effective I think we both know jiu jitsu is not something we wanna do inside a bar and try to submit an individual while his buddies kick us in the head. but now reverse is I agree that if I chose to fight in a cage event or maybe fight someone one on one on the beach and this guy is a trained mma fighter I better pullout my boxing thai and jiu jitsu. I'd like your thoughts on that.

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