Defensive Tactics in the Use of Force Model-Approching the suspect

The initial break down of engaging the suspect.Breaking down the right handed motion and trapping the suspect to a grounded position.

9 thoughts on “Defensive Tactics in the Use of Force Model-Approching the suspect

  1. Nicholas Krug says:

    You should send all of this to PPCT management systems. They force us as instructors to follow their guidelines which is what you refer to as 1970's style. I like these and feel they work much better. But then again laws differ from Canada to the U.S. Great stuff keep up the amazing information.

  2. Samir Seif says:

    I have 4 men i would direct you to in the states qualified and expert-Bram Frank,Moti Horenstein,Shuki Drai,Avi Nardia.Each of these men have taught from a platform of Law Enforcement and are well versed in use of force laws world wide.

  3. hondorider74 says:

    Good technique, like the emphasis on the proper use of force, and I like the principal of always grounding the suspect so you can work from a position of advantage. I would like to take your level one and two courses. If I can't make it up to Canada, do you ever teach in the states?

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