Defensive Pistol Training

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “Defensive Pistol Training” Getting professional firearms training may mean the difference of Life or Death if faced with a threat. Protect yourself and those you…

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  1. IHCTerra says:

    The dummy round drill is also good for finding out how much you flinch. If you pull the trigger and the gun pushes forwards or down, you are anticipating recoil. It can throw your aim way off.

    One of the best ways to train is to shoot in competitions. Try to find IDPA, IPSC or some kind of event and shoot regularly. It doesn't matter where you place, just shoot to build up skills. The timer going off and having an audience builds up your ability to deal with stress and not lose your gun handling skills.

    There are also all kinds of drills you can do in your house with an empty gun. Mag change drills, drawing drills and acquiring the target with your eyes before moving the gun. You can do 5 minutes on a treadmill and then do 20 mag change drills. Then do another 5 on the treadmill and 20 mag change drills.

    When you do mag change drills, try for 100% no fumbles, no matter how slow you have to go, then speed it up. First try for 5 straight with no fumbles, then keep increasing the totals as you increase the speed. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

  2. Fortress: Combat Arts says:

    Oh my gosh…maybe they should start with teaching people how to hold the guns? Why is nobody slapping mags during Type 1 malfunctions?? There are A LOT of people out there that call themselves instructors…how they have business, I'll never know!!

  3. Back woods Law says:

    Here is an additional idea Sootch, many firearms instructors in local areas are also peace officers. Check with your local department to see if they offer courses at the local range for defensive and/or instinctive shooting. LAPD taught this back in the late 80's early 90's when I did my reserve peace officer certification course.

  4. Helen Sabin says:

    i see ONE instructor and ten students! One teacher cannot teach this many students as he doesn't observe mistakes made! If you want a great class taught by many instructors and all lead instructors are former elite military, go to Academy Firearms Instruction in Colorado Springs. You will really learn proper techniques.

  5. Junryl Dayanan says:

    I wanted to become a great shooter man but didnt know how to hand proper the gun and to the target ,especialy the position of body, head and eye to thier pointing straight the target.

  6. Tim Kelly says:

    I guess pointing the weapon at the sky up by your ear is the way now?? (sarcasm) Also….I liked the fumbling around for magazines…weapon sweeps on others as they tried to get off the ground and the the lack of target acquirement when in their off hand firing and moving positions. Really poor training from what I saw…but hey..they had the right "I was there" hat on their heads??? right???

  7. Gyrene85291 says:

    I wanted a bowl of krusty-o's last night but i was out of milk! Late,bad part of town,need gun.But when i thought about having to put on my combat boots,bdu's,instructor belt,knee pads,unconcealed non retention holster,operator hat and ear pro…i went to bed.

  8. Boen Airgeez says:

    i am wondering if you are given the ammo and or the class time because you are going to commercialize the people who donate to you. i would love to go to a classe but with the ammo, range fees, and the class fees, hotels, gas, and food you are approaching 1000.00 or more dollars. Not to mention the time out of work. These classes would seem to be a great thing but between cost and time they are totally undo-able for many working types.

  9. s says:

    this is a bad video…..they do not even know the basics…..many examples…..they are not even racking the slide correctly, bad positions, etc.

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