Defensive Handgun

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Learn the secrets of handgun manipulation from the founder and senior instructor of the ELITE Urban Warfare Center in a one-on-one style of teaching. Learn methods, techniques and styles of shooting that will, along with practice, take the novice and veteran alike to the NEXT LEVEL. The BEST PRACTICES approach on this DVD will defuse your apprehension, and increase your confidence as you see each technique taught clearly and safely. The principles of successful shooting are reinforced continually throughout this DVD. Increase your SPEED and ACCURACY by following the time tested and combat proven methods and techniques shown on this DVD.

Training Topics:

General Safety
Drawing from Holster
Safe Holstering
Handgun Gripping
Sight Alignment
Sight Picture
Trigger Control
Shot Placement
Emergency Reloads
Malfunction Drills
Weaver Stance
Isosceles Stance
Israeli Stance

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This film is NOT for persons prohibited from using firearms by law and should not be re-distributed to any such individuals. The scope of this film is not comprehensive, and the techniques therein are intended for use in conjunction with all safe and legal firearm practices and should ONLY be replicated on a controlled range under professional supervision and guidance. WHEN to use a firearm in self-defense is NOT the subject of this film, nor should any instruction or legal counsel on that decision be inferred or derived from its content. BY PURCHASING THIS DVD YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS NOTICE AND AGREE TO ITS TERMS.
Taught by veterans of military special operations.
Exclusive Israeli shooting techniques shown.
Material applicable to novice shooters and veteran shooters alike.
Filmed in high-definition and recorded with high-fidelity sound.
Bonus material.
Runtime: 53 Minutes

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