Defense Prior to Someone Pulling out a Knife

Complete instructional Knife Defense video: ▻ What is a very important tip when it comes to knife …

18 thoughts on “Defense Prior to Someone Pulling out a Knife

  1. rsine100 says:

    Best knife defense video in my opinion. Always hit first. Don't give him a chance to pull a weapon out. By the time you see the knife, you probable would've already been stabbed a good half dozen times already because it will be so fast and chaotic.

  2. Mike Wazofski says:

    Was hanging out with my girlfriend today at her house, I looked out the window and saw a fucking white van stopped next to her driveway, not in a way that you'd park, but sort of at an angle, not sure exactly how to describe it. When I saw that, I bolted to my bag trying to find my knife (which I DIDN'T have on me, as I later found out). And my girl saw that and goes "wtf dude, that's my friend" but my mind went straight to "it's a robbery." Being aware is key, also good for creating funny anecdotes.

  3. Casinobubble 2001 says:

    Yeh I totally agree awareness is key. I was in a shop the other day and was about to buy something, I was checking that I had enough money in my wallet and while I was looking,out of the corner of my eye I see a man walking straight towards me, even tho I was standing out of the way. I immediately looked up to find that it was my dad luckily, however even he said that my awareness was on point and that I was vigilant of my surroundings. Sometimes this can stop a fight without doing anything because most 'muggers' are opportunists not fighters so they don't want to fight. Being observant is everything.

  4. Carlos Zanini says:

    1:22 that's exactly what I was talking about in other video of yours about create a circle around you and anybody who gets in my attack range automatically activates my "code red". I might look as a paranoid person, but if I can't see both hands I assume that person is armed. Thanks for the videos, stay safe.

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