Defense against Wild Punches in a Street Fight

Two words: low kick. When it comes to blocking wild punches and haymakers, one miscalculation can result in you getting hit. Subscribe to my channel …

40 thoughts on “Defense against Wild Punches in a Street Fight

  1. Corbin Wentz says:

    these are the types of defence methods people need to know now a days because today's fights are basically wild monkeys swinging their arms and punching from all sides. thanks for the video. it's verry helpful

  2. slicksouthpaw says:

    I have been in a couple street fights; personally, I like the lead palm to control the head and blind the attacker, quickly driving the opponent into a position where you can quickly administer a choke hold and then work the liver with strikes. I'm speaking in terms of extremely close quarters where boxing is a no go but punches, elbows and knees are applicable. In these situations, the action happens so fast, you may lose balance so the lead palm to the face can be a great counter/set up to regain the upper hand and finish the action! I bested a man on a public bus in this fashion; after delivering liver shots I was able to deliver ounces to the guys face and dand a boot to the chest for good measure! Mindset is key also! You HAVE to be willing to accept punishment to give punishment in close quarters!

  3. Victor cabral says:

    Personally the helmet guard doesn't work for me ( when you bring your hand to your ear), because it takes too much time to execute and yes it blocks my vision i prefer nick's blocking technique after i intercept the haymaker i moving in and simultaneously fire a straight hand right down the middle trying to land it on the chin.

  4. Chad Fahlman says:

    Hey Nick,
    Would the distance, timing, or venue make a leg take-down practical? In your experience, at what point in the fight do untrained fighters throw punches in bunches?

  5. Gavin McLean says:

    so what about with wild punches, put your arms up close to your head but far enough to stop their punches early, get to their chest, and lock your arms on their head, this way you have control over their movement. so their head is at your chest.

  6. drh kleinert says:

    That kind of punches are the most common strikes in a streetfight, not boxing or Karatestyle. I dont know why, maybe its a natural instict. Its easy to block/stop if you are a little bit trained in the right style/concept. these attacks are full of chances for to react, they are slow, wide and early to see, allways the same, opponent is wide open, bad balance etc. Nice.

  7. CoolCatInATopHat says:

    When I trained Krav Maga we would do partner drills where one throws haymakers and the other blocks. Unless you're blackout drunk or experiencing hulk like rage the pain of having a full force haymaker blocked will make you reconsider your fighting style.

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