39 thoughts on “Defense against Wild Punches – CodeRedDefense.com

  1. joseph kennedy says:

    I Was attacked walking home , I threw a straight right hand and knocked the guy clean out and carried on . I was only 16 and nobody had shown me anything . your a wolf or a sheep , you  cant teach that .

  2. Ibn Sina says:

    Dude, you need to re-do this video. A strong guy who knows how to punch could have broken your nose right there. It's not about a strong chin: it's about a hard, bareknucle punch to the nose.

    I'm not trying to be rude, but you can't really get anything useful out of this video…

  3. Dojo Mark says:

    It's interesting to see approaches to self defense from different instructors and styles. In jiu-jitsu we teach about managing the distance. For example: You know there's a possibility for a situation to escalate so there's no need to get within your opponent's striking distance to communicate to one another.

  4. MaxDe Ice says:

    Nick I dont know if you know this or not but since you didnt say anything about this either in your other videos so I assume you dont know about this. palm is indeed the best weapon against someone wearing helmet, since you can strike many times without busting your knuckles and with all that slams the guy will get dizzy inside that helmet. but if that guy is not wearing any helmet palm is only a decent distracting weapon. using your fist on his temple or his chin will give a much much better result

  5. Ruarscampbell says:

    Do you train in jeans because those are what you usually wear?? I take it training in "optimal" equipment can deteriorate from learning from real life defense, where they don't let you get changed into your gi or sweatpants. They just want to beat you up.

  6. Robert Edwards says:

    Hi Nick, i like your vids they are very good. I myself i train in Keysi which is a multiple opponent street defence system which i think is very effective. Have you seen it and if so what is your opinion on it?

  7. Mark Baldwin says:

    I am not sure what the defense was, could you elaborate more on that? It looked to me like just frantically hitting back while hoping for a lucky shot. The lucky shot, however, could have been the opponents first strike, or any for that matter, so I am not sure what to take from this.

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