12 thoughts on “Defense against the Push and Shove

  1. johnny102marvin says:

    I just came from a tutorial by a wing chun practitioner on how to deal with a push. I really like your technique a lot better. Your technique is what I call "REAL WORLD". In the wing chun technique he had you stepping backwards, which is opposite of what you teach here. Stepping to the side or angling off is much better like you just taught.

  2. Close Quarters Countermeasures says:

    Very Smart Addition of getting off the "X". Most lessons on this stuff are too static and don't take follow up into account. If you move on a line it doesn't take any additional mental effort or time to track you and strike you. Especially since you might be backing up directly into the attackers power range(reach). Great Job Nick. I'm going to post a video of another good option we teach in my classes.

  3. wjf213 says:

    Great info. I really like that tip about moving off to the side to reduce the attackers momentum. You really do have the BEST info for real world situations. I like that you keep it simple and use gross motor skills and nothing too fancy. God bless and keep up the great work.

  4. Michael Witt says:

    Hey Nick I am a 70 yr old combat veteran. I livve in a large urban enviroment. I certinly know I can't bust off those killer strikes you and your crew do,however I feel more confident Ican cover ,trap and avoid sierious damage .I have a Bob and double lend bag I ,work your drillis every day.Thank you, I think your the best instructor in cyber space.

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