21 thoughts on “Defense against “Stomping” in the Street

  1. Dan Tribble says:

    I like that you showed a specific way to get off the ground – I still spar occasionally, including ground work, and it is amazing how most people don't have a clue how to simply stand up – and many instructors don't break it down and teach it – as a "courtesy" sometimes folks take a step back to allow their downed opponent to get up – that's fine when practicing a specific technique/take down whatever, but in a fight/assault you gotta have actually practiced getting up! I also like the way you keep the leg on the ground tucked in as much as possible – if you don't someone can and will stomp on your foot and/or ankle and then you are f@#%ed. Great video as always!

  2. Ptah Arawn says:

    i think i would grab the first attackers leg from ground and immediately draw myself to the attacker then use that attackers body as a brief shield against the attacker. you can easily grab the attackers leg and throw him off balance then evade and get up and take on the second attacker. also it always good too have a combat knife (two) one strapped to your ankle and another one on your strong side in this case weather your on the ground you can slice openthe attackers calve or ankle tendon.

  3. flaguy999 says:

    In a situation like this with multiple attackers if you have a knife get it out and use it, cut their legs a few times and they will back off (or better still run) giving you time to get up and run or if you have to, defend yourself from a standing position at least. That's why I always carry an edged weapon, it may save your life in a situation like this.

  4. T1Oracle says:

    Defending yourself from that position is simpler than that. All you need to do is keep your feet pointed at the enemy and kick like you're running in place the moment they are in range. Keep your arms up near your head and be ready to jump to your feet if they're about to fall on you (if you're kicking like you mean it, you might knock them down) or an opening to escape comes up. I learned that growing up and It worked great in every case and I never got hurt. Of course if they have a weapon it's a different story.

  5. Silver Charm says:

    It looks like if confronted by a 2 on 1 like this, the best defines is to get up as quickly as you can…the longer you remain down on the ground the less likely you can get out of the situation…unless, and this gets into more advanced techniques….you quickly, ( lightning fast ) dispatch of 1 opponent, rendering him immobile for at least 5 or 10 seconds, preferably more…which frees you up to defend against the other attacker…otherwise great video for defending against a 1 on 1 …..

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