Defense against Hair Grabbing

Hair grabbing is more common with women, but then again, in street fights you have to expect anything and everything. In this video we cover the defense …

27 thoughts on “Defense against Hair Grabbing

  1. The Internet Peasant says:

    THANK YOU. You're the first person I've found in a youtube video, from the Gracies all the way down to the McDojos, who understands that the response to a rear hair grab isn't some form of wrist or arm lock. You can't see which grip they have and in a real combat situation you don't have time to assess whether you can get enough torque, stepping angles, etc.

    Trap, turn, strike. No way is a sure way, but this is the best of a bad situation.

  2. 이승현 says:

    your hairline has receded so far but by having your friend to grab your hair for the youtube video , just aggravated the life expectancy of your hair . so this uploaded about 2 years ago evident from that surely you're a bald male

  3. fcku u says:

    Have noticed a lot of your videos are aimed towards teaching viewers how to hit the vulnerable areas – could you make a video solely describing all the vulnerable areas ?

  4. courtneybrad says:

    Great video, I think its over looked how in street fights there are no rules…hair pulls and clothing grabbing are going to happen.

    I think you should do a video with females on this. A good way to fight against this for a female is for her to straighten out her arm above her head  as her hand goes back to feel wear his hand is on her head(bc this is a natural response and takes a lot of training to not grab his hand) from there she can slam her arm down over his shoulder area as her turns into his as you showed in the video..this locks his arm in that position which gives her the ability to strike much faster and  harder as she can then pull his head into her palm strike. Hard to explain via text, but super easy to do bc the body is already moving towards the attacker if he grabs and pulls back and down(rem where ever the head/neck  goes the body follows) I have personally used this and its really effective if you understand what I mean here lol

  5. ibotah says:

    Hey man your videos really help me! Haha. Been watching for several months, and my friends would "playfully" maybe grab for my keys, or try to punch me without me knowing they would, and I would successfully block them! Thanks Nick. Really appreciate your videos. =) 

  6. Debbie Du Preez says:

    Hey Nick, I'm watching your videos all the way from little New Zealand and I just wanna say thanks, I feel so much more confident now that I'd be able to defend myself if someone ever attacked me. 

  7. Psychokore Underground Rap says:

    Hey Nick.. good stuff pointing this out.. in a street fight.. especially females are willing to do anything to get an advantage.. hair pulling is imo pretty weak and lame.. but yeah.. if someone grabs your hair.. all you have to do is basically forget about the temporarily pain and palmstrike the other one right in the face. short and effective.. like your video 😉

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