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  1. Master Sensei says:

    you want a defense from a real spear tackle lol just make sure you have leg muscles and also when he tries to get you ya know get out of the way by moving left or right but if you get caught make sure you put your legs in the back well push it to the back like stoping something cause most of the time the guy are doing this are heavier than you so don't do want this guy does so increase your center of gravity it work lol i tried it on a really really big guy and he wasn't weak ill tell you that he just did that cause he couldn't beat me at boxing lol i got some bruises

  2. theartbook35 says:

    I was getting ready to comment "where the head goes the body follows" because I learned that when I was seven years old and have never forgotten it. Right as I'm about to pause and comment, I heard you say it and started laughing 😀

  3. Marcelo Faria says:

    Up-down elbows are effective against a takedown. Lower your center of gravity and as he tries to grab your legs go for the up-down elbows. They are so dangerous that they are not allowed in MMA

  4. Malik B says:

    This shit would NOT work. I fought my brother-in-law who is a much bigger dude than I. Im a smaller guy at 200 to 210 pounds. And he was around 230 to 240. He's been locked up in prison for over 10 years and had alot of prison fights. So, his fight-game is more like a Boxer with a one-punch knockout capability. And brute strength.

    Now, I fought alot myself, growing up in the project and the Hood but when you're talking about a bigger dude, that's like a bully-size compared to you. All these technique where you trying to stop a takedown is NOT gonna work against guys like my brother-in-law amd you being a smaller guy.

    They will swoop in quick underneath you, and the force that comes with it, it like getting hittinv by a linemam. Your whole composure is out of stance at that point and forced to anticipate getting slammed to the ground.

    That's IF the takedown is coming in like a linebacker . He charged in while swing a fist and using his free arm to grab one of my back legs when I was stanced with legs apart (behind me). There is no defense for that because I lack the weight and brute strength to stop him with opposite force applied towards him.

    I had no choice but to anticipate the ground slam and work in my ground game. And that a position of vulnerablity because he is much stronger, much bigger and got a Boxer' skill-level. Im more MMA but had no training but I do go on the ground than standing. However with him, he was just too big for me and I had to eat some punches even with strong guards up.

    They will SMASH your defense technique due to their brute strength. Example I had my hands and elbow up portecting my face when he swung a couple blows at my face. Though my defemse blocked his punch, the impact of his punch hurt my arm by the elbow lower arm.

    Hes hitting it and Im feeling pain on the arm. So I grab his shirt and flipped my hips UPWARD while bringing his shirt. And that had the effect to have upside down; about roll over from me. And I rolled with him by the force I still had when I flipped him with my hips.

    Amd it was like a reversal when he had me on my back but after I flipped him, he was on his back and I had hthe advantage. But not by much since he was still stronger, bigger and had brute strength that outclassed mind by a landslide!

    So, I had to think quick and watch his body movement. He tried to sit-up to do a side rollover and I noticed he had both palms on the ground when he was trying to sit-up. So, I pulled both of his palms which stimulatenously made him lay back down on his back.

    And I was about to throw a blow to his face but the fight got stopped. And just thinking about it, I learned, you fight a bigger dude at his game. You will get knocked out or seriously hurt.

    A brute guy like that with a Boxer' skill-level. You gotta keep it on the feet and MOVE YOUR FEET REAL WELL and keep your spacing and counter-punch from creative angles. Its hard to do but that's about the best you can do to be safe while fighting a beast like that.

    Knee-kicks would be work too, but gotta be careful. If they grab your kick, its over. They snuff you up off the ground and go down hard like BOOM! You either knocked out or seriois hurt. And if you're knocked out…aww man! He's about to unload some serious damage….and you are in the throes of death then.

    So, I still would grapple with him but do it quick with precise timing. Find a slip-up on his part and dont hesitate to make your move…rather an arm-bar, gullitone choke etc. Armbars is the best when fighting bigger dudes with brute strength because once you got their arm locked up, depending the type of armbar you use, you can controk him and punch the shit out of him. That's your knock out route right there.

  5. Jonathon Tran says:

    Google the Wing Chun sidestep, imagine a train coming at you, you have to move your body off center and to the side. The tackler won't be able to stop immediately, so you can use the momentum to bring down your attacker.

  6. Anthony Allen says:

    Hey bro im going to keep it real. If your saying this works against an unskilled attacker with know clue ok. But even with a 16 year old kid who has a high school wrestling back round it will not work. A wrestler has a strong neck and there take downs are extremely explosive. Im telling all of you put a helment on and practice this with restiance 4 rounds 2 minutes. and you will see that it will not be as successful as if you would train MMA and leaen how to sprawl then I would be sold. You have to train with someone not allowing you to do it then you will truly see the truth instead of theorized tactics.

  7. Pete C says:

    Good advice. Many wrestling counter moves are also effective: sprawls, cross-face, pry bar, crotch lock to a sprawl reversal or tilt, front headlock to rib cradle/reversal/cement mixer/shrug, three quarter nelson, over and under hooks to a throw, ect. Also, a knee to an incoming opponent is effective. Keeping your head lever lower than his and side stepping your adversary is also advantageous. Do agree with the aforementioned attacks to the head and neck regions, though. Front headlock choke outs suffice, too. Best option, run away from conflict and avoid litigious proceedings, along with monetary demise.

  8. Nogairra Almada says:

    This is why wrestling is the most dominant base in a 1v1 fight, you can easily take them down and ground and pound. Jiujitsu can do the same but their takedowns and defense is inferior, a lot of guys pull guard in competition because of this. Though some schools offer a hybrid bjj base with heavy wrestling and least amount of judo, this will be standard 'bjj' someday.

  9. Boyboii says:

    a teacher from a karate school taught me and some other class mates that when someone tries to kick u grab there leg and tap the side of the ankle. He tap us near the ankle and we couldn't for like 30 seconds

  10. heihoshi says:

    I have found in practice that This will not work, in part because the inertia from the attacker will likely offset your own balance making it difficult if not near impossible to use both hands to turn his head.
    Secondly, in this instance you are assuming the assailant leaves a gap between your hips and his head, that is also unlikely as even untrained individuals will know to keep the head away from danger and tucked in close to the opponent.

  11. drh kleinert says:

    One of the possible probs will be that the attacker moves straight forward while grapping, not like that standing here in the vid. And to make a good defense while be pushed back is hard

  12. Lennart Konst says:

    Yes at Krav Maga I also learned the sprawl against the 'both legs tackle', I think it comes from MMA. I found it pretty effective and pretty easy to do and you can bring him to the ground that way, you can decide to get him in a guillotine choke then as well.
    I haven't seen these techniques yet and it's probably way better if there any other threats around.

    I love the scenario training Nick Grossos I'd love to see that again!

  13. preparetodefend says:

    thanks for this video its good to learn more I have my own method of countering a tackle it is great to learn more escapes.. mine is a ground based counter method I have skills in both ground and standing… great video

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