Defense against a Static Knife Attack to the Throat

It’s important to learn how to defend against such an attack. Nick (the attacker) simulates an attack by placing the knife to the throat of his victim – Nick …

39 thoughts on “Defense against a Static Knife Attack to the Throat

  1. SgtFitnessOnline says:

    Definitely talk to the attacker. Make him think you are cooperative. Give him whatever he wants. But a knife standing still is a gift from God. At some point you got to decide if you're going for it, because it might not be still for long. I'm much more afraid of a blade then a gun.

  2. steam steam says:

    So fucking right. Sequences don't work in street fight. So fucking essential. REAL fucking education and helpful, realistic training. You're a legend man. Who knows how many people you've saved from serious injury or death. Great stuff. Just that fact with all the extremely dangerous unrealistic misinformation about disarming guns to your face etc can save a great amount of lives. Thank you.

  3. Hien Hoang says:

    I liked that he trapped and cranked the wrist with both hands. Some videos instruct to pin the knife hand against your chest with one hand while striking with the other. I just feel against a stronger, bigger opponent, one hand isn't going to be enough to establish control over their knife hand. I've trained with big guys with big wrists and there's no way you're controlling their wrist with one hand. Also, I feel using your free hand to strike is counterintuitive because the force applied to pinning their knife hand to your chest is inward, but the directional force of a strike (e.g. palm to the face) is outward.

  4. 7smr says:

    I like your videos. It is the element of surprise that catches the attacker off guard when he is least expecting anything, which gives the defender the upper hand.

  5. Ian Dalhuisen says:

    I love the "use your head first" theme your videos contain. If you've got no options but to fight just about anything can work if you've disarmed your attacker mentally. Great message and life saving mentality.

  6. artbyvince says:

    Thanks for providing us with a more realistic approach to this and other attacks which are in reality more advantageous to keeping one alive than to try fancy moves with certain expectations. An important factor which is the psychological. I'm glad I came across your vid Nick. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  7. GS T says:

    You're awesome man,I'm a karate fighter and i like very mutch the way you teach because you get so much with psychological side of opponents,Its not just to move your moves its important to move on the right moment.
    Greetings from Albania.

  8. Exterminate123 says:

    iwas held at knife point for my brand new phone I coughed it up then found ur vids and ik that I still shouldn't fight back but I've found ur vids to be really interesting and well done and I'm thinking about learning self defense now just bcuz there's so much to learn

  9. Cool BRO! says:

    I'm afraid to kill someone again if I do this kind of self defense,I accidently killed a robber because I elbow his throat,I do not know why I feel bad about it until now. . . .

  10. rools2roolsproject says:

    it's a shame you are missing the footwork. Your leading leg shoud move diagonally forward and away from your opponent and twist your body. same for gun disarm. you have to get out of the line of fire.

  11. OG Gaming says:

    Better video than your other ones… I'll at least give2 you that much.  But, you should still emphasize a lot more for your viewers that the reality is to just give the guy the money, diffuse the situation by any means and leave quickly.

    Better than other knife videos out there, but still not targeting your audience which are mostly people that don't have a clue and even the ones that do probably have no real experience.

    Anyways.. I stumbled across your shit by accident and was bored.  Hopefully you take my criticism into some consideration and drive home the idea of defusing a bit more in these videos; even if they are just introductions to your website.  Because you never know who is out there watching your videos and how they will use the lesson in your videos.  We are talking about situations where lives are threatened after all.

  12. Joshua Morgan says:

    Nick, all due respect, i noticed that at first your opponent had you in a grip that meant you couldn't do the move. he had to drop his arm first. I wanted you to show us how you would wall worth it if he had held you in the way he started to hold you, because in real life, the opponent won't play ball all the time. as i say no disrespect, i just want to know what you'd do because it seemed you couldn't do the move unless he gave you room by dropping the grip with his left arm. the very fact he automatically held you this way makes me think its a more realistic way someone may attack us. thankyou. live your videos.

  13. Jonny Thunder says:

    Great vid Nick as usual…..totally practical and relevant …..this is similar to my Krav classes…..your training is slightly different though…a bit different than what Ive trained but essentially…"what ever works….works"…so I do associate what you show to what Ive learnt..

    My grounding martial art is Judo….love that as well.

  14. Green River says:

    Hello , Nick.
    Today one guy came to me and asked for  money for the bus so i decided to give him some. Then i was thinking he could be a hustler…..  

    How we can know if a person is legit?

  15. silverwings21 says:

    1:07 "In reality guys, give them the money."

    I’m gonna have to disagree. You should always fight (preferably with a gun).
    Why? Because it isn’t always about money. Some times they just want to kill or they want no witnesses.

    Here’s an example of a guy giving the crooks the money and still getting killed:

    Here’s another example, where the killer just wanted to kill:

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