24 thoughts on “Defense against a Rear Naked Choke

  1. funkman70 says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong Nick but I remember a video you put out years back (first generation fan here) where you dropped to your knees when put in this hold. Have you stopped using that technique in your system?

  2. NothingMaster says:

    Excellent advice, and again, dropping the chin and the weight are key moves that precede the rest of the defense. That said, all that is designed to help you not get into a vulnerable rear choke situation, in the first place. But what do you do if you should be unaware and/or unlikely enough to actually find yourself in a fully-executed/locked rear choke?

  3. DR 262 says:

    hey nick there is a self defense school called Sami combat systems and one of its schools opened where im from, would you be able to tell me if the stuff they teach is useful or just flashy, i have seen a few videos on their youtube but i am undecided. Great video by the way

  4. STJA Gamerz says:

    Great vid !! I know what you are saying by awareness if the rear naked choke gets put on! but what about during a fight it just suddenly goes to the ground and the rear naked choke has been put on how will it be then approached is it still the same concept the way you taught it whilst standing up it will be great if you make a vid on that..! But great vid though Nice 1 NICK U R A LEGEND!!!

  5. Harris Murphy says:

    absolutely amazing video.nick
    I would like to know Wat material arts did u learn to know this move as I'm a experienced fight.
    I've been fight for 8 years……may Thai. kickboxing…bbj…wrestling…
    Wat is the most helpful 1 as I'm 15 years old

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