Defense against a Rapid Thrust Knife Attack

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11 thoughts on “Defense against a Rapid Thrust Knife Attack

  1. theartbook35 says:

    The attack I experienced on this past Tuesday (8/15), was a situation where I believed my attacker might have had a knife tucked in the back of her pants. I was unable to run, and thrown into a chair. I guarded my face and neck with my biceps, used my hands to protect the back of my neck, and guarded my vitals with my left thigh (I'm hypermobile). I knew that, if she did have a knife for sure and was going to use it, the only places she'd be able to stab were my side of my back. Not ideal, but I know I can survive a stab wound, or a few wounds to the side and back. But from my neck to my stomach, I call that the death zone. Sometimes, unfortunately, that's all you can do.

  2. Von Ace says:

    Usually you won't see the knife until after you've already been stabbed, so more than likely you won't have the range to use kicks. Also a social predators with a knife will just bum rush you and you'll only be off balanced trying to kick your attacker, and that will just make you fall backwards and you'll be on your back. Which is the last place you want to be when dealing with a knife attack. Funker Tactical has a really good video of defense on a knife ambush. Also Jared Wihongi has some good techniques. It's sounds counter intuitive but basically you need to put ballistic forward pressure on the attacker and on the knife attacking arm while trapping the arm so the knife attacker has no chance to recoil their arm to repeatedly stab you

  3. Mikolaj.Birek says:

    Hey Nick, love your videos. You're absolutely right that rapid "grab and stab" attack is the most common knife threat (around 78% of all knife attacks I think), but I don't think you really touched the subject here! Your partner in this video made a motion like he's grabbing, but he didn't actually grab at all. It makes a gigantic difference in the way you have to handle this attack. Being grabbed and controlled with a lead arm, more often than not pushed back, all while the assailant is stabbing with the other arm is vastly different scenario than what you showed here. You can't kick while pushed back, nor will your punches make an impact. You just have to deal with the grabbing arm, and deal fast. Hope you can make a video with that precise scenario, because in this one you just showed a hypotetical situation when the attacker tries to go after you with just the stabbing arm. All the best!

  4. StargateSG-1 says:

    fuck man…. i hope i will not fucking freeze if let's say a bad person wants to stab me , hoping he will have mercy lol…i don't know i fought bullies before and the adrenaline is to the point i have shaky legs and can't talk..and that's just FISTS and LEGS… i wonder in a knife attack , adrenaline will be super sayan..i can't even imagine… i think would be same like when i was skydiving for the first time.. :/

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