21 thoughts on “Defense against a Muay Thai Kick

  1. Gavin H says:

    how about using a lowline kick? as he tries to kick you with the muay thai kick you just use a low-line against his standing leg (not striking) leg. that might stop him from fully swinging his leg against you.

    btw, nick can you do a video on using a baton? specifically the extending one.

  2. wakeupworld100 says:

    This video is mainly for streets with no ropes. So timing to kick backing up and spinning out should be easy if the person has proper conditioning skill overall is well rounded. Proper training to avoid and counter kick combos etc is needed. Peace.

  3. Vesuvius says:

    Taking a muay thai kick to the back of the knee seems like a really bad idea. Also, I'd like to see the step out/step in punch in a real fight. Seems fairly difficult while in a real fight and when both people are moving.

  4. Watiflappy Nounou says:

    Stepping out is the most sensible thing to do because if anyone trying to show you how to absorb or block a strong Muay Thaï kick is either naive or giving you loads of BS. A proper Muay Thai kick will break your leg no matter how strong you are.

  5. NothingMaster says:

    Good advice, but awareness under pressure, and the ability to correctly and quickly read the opponent in a street fighting environment require serious self confidence and the presence of mind that can only come with rigorous training. Most uninitiated individuals don't have sufficient training, nor enough self confidence in a real life setting, to react quickly enough or anticipate those moves under such dynamic and fluid conditions.

  6. - Zerenity - says:

    The kick will be coming in really fast so you have to be really experianced to move your body in that fast manner. We MThai people raise our leg to check the kick as it is the easiset and most efficent way of preserving energy. Plus, if you decide to evade the kick going backwards; it creates a bigger room for your opponent to come in with another kick, possibly a spinning kick or a flying knee into the ropes.

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