In this video Nick Drossos teaches the defense against one of the most dangerous weapons in the street a machete. In this video you will learn how to defend …


  1. LKH9 says:

    Machete…. here in Malaysia, No.1 bad guy weapon, fucking damn scary. There is totally no chance to fight one empty handed. Run is the only option, exactly like what you describe! It's actually lucky that an average person doesn't know how to properly sharpen a blade, they are mostly dull, can't even hack off a limb in 1 strike.

    This is also the reason I got a fucking SPEAR in my bedroom. The king of the battlefield will dominate a machete bad guy robbing my house.

  2. 7dayspking says:

    Jesus this same misunderstanding. Not only is that not how a machete is used by a skilled or uskilled individual (unfortunately there's plenty of footage online of people fighting with Machete's.) but you seem to think just because a sword is in the hand that it suddenly isn't moving quickly. Think of something like this as someone swinging their arm back and forth really quickly trying to strike you…you know that you're going to get hit while trying to close the distance even if it's on the forearm or shoulder. The same is true here…you're not respecting how dangerous this is.

  3. Chiiil says:

    I always hear you're supposed to always look your opponent in the eyes, which I understand because most people will attack where their eyes are but, wouldn't you want to keep your eyes on their weapon, especially one so large?

  4. Rudra Dey says:

    Three major problems-
    1- if you are unfortunate to be in this kind of situation then lot of time (in fact most of the time ) you have no chance of running away. Also you might have your family or friend with you.
    2- I am not saying the techniques shown are useless , but any technique must be trained as realistically as possible. It would be impossible to simulate the fear and adrenaline rush of that moment. so doesn't matter whether the technique is right or wrong executing any such technique properly in real fight is almost impossible.
    3- Guns are not an option either, you might not have enough time to pull out a gun. You might live in a country where its difficult to have gun.

    Really you are screwed

  5. Sean Wood says:

    Defense against a bloody machete ffs? Best defense is just to run cos that's your natural instinct. You'd be totally s..tting yourself if it happened to you in real life. It's OK pretending to train for it in a gym/dojo where you're with your mates and trying to get it as 'real' as possible but truth is you can NEVER prepare for it. It's totally different out there…fact!!

  6. Geneva Mode says:

    Kick against a machete? You'll lose a leg. If he knows how to use a machete properly, you're going to die, guaranteed. There is nothing you can do without a weapon of your own. He has the range, the power, the element of surprise, you're done for.

  7. ironmonk yang says:

    I hope there is a video to show using a chair, or a belt to defend against machete. Has anyone tried using a very very fast leg sweep to dislodge the attacker's feet off the ground?

  8. Zola Zon says:

    If the attacker really want to hurt or kill you, running is not the better option. Just with a few slashes to your back while running will slow you down. Machete is the most favoured weapon for gangsters and thieves in my country.

  9. Dovahkiin Dragonshout says:

    I am sry for spamming on this channel- it's pretty good actually. But there is one thing that is wrong. Dont worry all channels get this one wrong. Here it is – if a guy has a weapon, there is down to no chance that you will survive the encounter. There are no skills to outdo a weapon. That is what weps were invented for, remember? The guy next cave was bigger and was fucking your cave woman, so you invent a pointy stick. I've done karate (joke aside, I really fell into that as a kid) I've done fencing and i am still doing boxing. I can tell you that though I've trained hand to hand combat in details for years and i've only done fencing for 5 months or so, I would never EVER assume that my boxing skills will do anything against my fencing skills. Give me that machete and put teh best fighter in the world agains me (or anyone who can hold a sword) and I will cut him good. It is what it is- a pointy, sharp piece of steel designer for killing people. Period. Best advise in taht scenario? Dont get there! There was a chain of bad desidions between you walking down the street and getting into a sword fight, dont you think? What are you doing there? If you live in the Philipines, you probably have a machete of your own, know some kali and arent watching this video. If you are a random douce on the net -dont get involved in a fight with a guy who has a sword. It is that simple. Often you dont need to know how to fight in order to protect yourself, you just need to be smart about it and avoid the situation all together. Peace!

  10. Jeff Roitero says:

    Oddly enough, I was just talking about this with someone. And I was suggesting that the way to go would be to go double-arm trap. Didn't think about the momentum of stopping the swing bringing the blade through. I was thinking of it like a bat. Also, probably worth noting that because of the weight (or lack of weight) the machete is a much faster swing than a bat.

    That said, I do feel like if you evade the swing, you'd be better off stepping in with strikes rather than going for the trap. But yeah, having something to throw or at least something to be able to parry with would be a lifesaver here. Any way you look at it, this is a shit situation and running is definitely the best way to go.

  11. MrOpinion says:

    Create distance is number one. Number two is (if you have one) draw a firearm and eliminate the threat. If not keep running while simultaneously screaming as if you are a little girl being chased by a clown. Also, grabbing a chair by its back and trying to snare the weapon isnt a bad option if you've got a chair around and ya cant run. So basically yeah, throw shit and or run. Great vid as always nick!

  12. JoeDurobot says:

    Defense against a machete? A few rounds shot from a FAMAS has been proven to work great against this type of attack.
    Just what happened in Paris at the begining of the mouth, the attacker even had two machetes … pew pew pew game over.

  13. VJCS2411 says:

    one of my mates got threatened by a guy with a butchers knive, so he took out his belt and started swinging. the other guy got even more pissed, came to close and literally lost a piece of his scalp after he got hit full speed by my friends metal beltbuckle. when the police arrived the other guy was sitting on the ground with a mixture of his blood and vomit on his clothes, with a large portion of his skull exposed

  14. Rooroo92 says:

    Christ that thing is scary… It's like a sword! I suppose on the plus side you can't really stab as much with that. I really agree with improvised weapons being a must for this one. Wouldn't want to risk getting chopped down like a bloody tree

  15. D Patrick says:

    I am sorry Nick but this is another very bad self defense video that can get people killed. Granted facing a machete your likely to get killed anyways but you have to move to one side or another when possible. Not straight back and back in. This is just very bad technique that will get you cut down. Kicks and things sounds great but remember that can cut through the better part of a thigh and in the right hands clean through.

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