39 thoughts on “Defense against a Knife | GoPro Experience!

  1. Mike Laplante says:

    I don't think the GoPro worked here. Mounted on your head like that we can't see what the attacker or you are doing below the bottom of the frame. Maybe some sort of chest mount instead?

  2. Maria's Project says:

    εισαι απο ελλαδα γιατι ειδα το ταττου σου που γραφει δυναμη και το ονομα σου Επισης υπεροχα βιντεο και πολυ διδακτικα!!!

  3. Gregory Hoffman says:

    Nick I love your channel … Can you invest in a lav microphone so we can hear you better and also I think replaying your moves in slo motion would help a lot too.. Thanks keep
    Up the great work

  4. Alex Li says:

    Hey Nick, for the go pro footage. It actually helps if you attached the camera a bit lower on the body i.e. around upper chest. It's a better simulation for first person. And it might be helpful if you used a higher frame rate 🙂

  5. iena71 says:

    Sorry, but the GoPro does not work like your eyes: so this is not the perspective of a fight.
    Don't get me wrong, a fight can be even more confusing, adrenalinic o chaotic, BUT otherways as you can see in this Gopro video it's saying nothing because the camera follows only the head movement, but human eyes move and stay on target or different targets while your hands, legs, head are simultaneously making other things (strikes, holds, kicks).

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