Defense against a Knife Attack [Social Experiment]

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30 thoughts on “Defense against a Knife Attack [Social Experiment]

  1. Guamparrapo83 says:

    any attacker with a knife will hit from stomach upwards, and not like muscle man in the video, approaching only his arm to victim's body, because that way he loses control over his movements and allows the victim to react like the video teacher. In fact, knife attackers like to attack body to body, because it's nearly impossible to stop them with bare hands. Legs are more useful in these situations. Front kicks will prevent you from get hurt in your torso and will give you a better chance to use your hands once the knife attack is momentarily annulled

  2. Lugo Suarez says:

    This is slightly better than most defenses I've seen , especially for tall people like myself. But i'd estimate 7/10 you wont be able to get the guy on the ground as easily. HOWEVER , you will definitely throw him off balance and get HIM scared and confused. Once he's face is looking at the ground, run for your life! You can also kick him in the head and Run, You will probably get one or 2 cuts from him trying to swing overhead. But you wont feel it in the heat of the Battle, and CUTS are 100 TIMES better than stab wounds.
    However you need to figure out 2 important things before deciding to defend yourself.
    How do you determine this, as soon as the knife is visible, immediately say here's my wallet ,here take it. and my phone take it,' and throw your stuff in front of him and step back hands up . They will usually take the stuff and run. If you do that and the guy seems uninterested in the stuff on the floor , then you have a situation with a Kid whose most likely in a gang or Cult trying to Prove himself.
    How to defend attackers 1&2.

    1, The truth is These attackers don't really want to hurt you as that can lead to extreme jail time and use knives to scare you into handing over valuables.This is also the only time any Knife defense tactics have a chance of working. If your stuff isn't really valuable give it over, don't run but walk away.

    2, If the attacker is trying to kill you , you will most likely get stabbed 2-5 times before you even know you've been stabbed. DONT GO TO GROUND, Try shake him off by throwing something in his face, Poking his eyeballs, Kicking his Testii region and RUN! RUN into a nearby building ,seek people and help. He will chase you until you enter a place with many people.

  3. Jennifer Dana says:

    Anyone allowing any stranger to approach them closely to ask them a question is putting themselves into a very dangerous situation.
    Better to stay 5-15 feet away from someone in public. In fringe areas, stay 15-25 feet away from the other person.
    That way, your awareness keeps you safe and prevents them from choosing to physically attack you and be able to set you up to be attacked.

  4. Matt Romano says:

    An attacker will not be lax like @4:00 and give up when his hand is parried/trapped, or when hit once in the face. He is going to stiffen up, pull his stabbing arm back, and push back into the defender as he stabs whatever he is able to hit. I would want to see this work if the attacker is aggressive. What you taught him is better than nothing, and he might get a lucky hit to drop the attacker. I think though, it might also give false confidence. What if the attacker does not drop after the first hit, and gets a few stabs in? What if the defender occupies the line by striking/ attempts to trap, misses the incoming stabbing angle, and the attacker connects with the stabs? What if you do strike/trap and back up, but the attacker rushes in again, and stabs/slashes at your limbs this time before getting close to stab the torso/face? The point is, the defender is committing to a high risk strategy by attacking/countering unarmed. You better have quick footwork to intercept and control the knife, or you're going to have to out run him. An important consideration was proven by Royce Gracie in the 90's during the first UFC matches. Even against trained strikers, Royce was able to shoot in, and was not knocked out. Now imagine an untrained striker vs a knife wielding aggressor coming in. The unarmed person is the underdog in the fight. If the attacker does not get knocked out first hit, or intercepted, he is going to come into trap/clinch range and stab. The risk is too high, and fighting against a knife attacker is all about reducing the risk of getting stabbed/slashed. Letting someone with a knife get that close to an unarmed you, is a terrible position. I think giving them your money is even a risk. The person has the audacity to hold a knife to another adult; you're at his mercy if he chooses to attack. Haganah contains a strategy which reduces risk when facing that scenario. First, carry yourself. Always be in a caution state of mind (Yellow code of awareness: in which one is relaxed with a non-specific alert. There is no immediate threat, but you are alert to any possibility.). If an attacker deploys his weapon within a couple feet, create distance by striking/throwing whatever is in your hands at him (short circuits his thinking) as you move back/or angle back (still facing the attacker), which provides a split second to deploy your own knife. Now at least you are even, and the probability of survival is higher. He will at least think before rushing in; he would get slashed/stabbed too. If you are blocked by an obstacle behind you, which does not allow you to retreat for deployment, then you've put yourself in terrible position…

  5. Meng Moua says:

    First of all you hit him in the fucking throat when he comes up and demand money. If you wait for the knife to come out than there's really nothing you can do and that's the truth. If he starts stabing you Your as good as dead. Give me a knife you sign an agreement if I stab you or kill you with a knife it's ok and I can prove my opinion on you…I don't care how good you think you know martial arts if someone got a knife and you got nothing no weapon you best bet is to run or find a weapon somewhere. One stab and you will lose focus.. One stab and you will lose your mental mind energy and power to fight back.
    You have never been stab so you think even when stab you can move the weapon away…..funny……

  6. TylerMayhem says:

    Yeah I know you're probably trying not to get people in jail. But dude. If you're in a street fight and someone comes at you with a knife, You don't hesitate to attack with malevolence. fingers are excellent for gouging an attackers eyes to shit. kneecaps don't like being kicked very hard with a straight almost stomping motion. Noses tend to break quickly with an upward trajectory palm strike. Having your ear ripped off doesn't feel good either. and if someone is onto of you on the ground, you dig into their asshole like a pervert. That gives you a second to gouge those eyes and break that nose.

  7. vidyaWolf says:

    The first half of the video showed this result: the kid is dead.
    The second half of the video is bullshitting about how to overpower someone who knows how to fight AND holds a knife. Result: the kid is still dead.

    Either run as fast as you can or shoot to kill if you have a gun and know how to use it. Everything else pretty much gets you killed.

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