Defense against a Knife Attack coming from the Top

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20 thoughts on “Defense against a Knife Attack coming from the Top

  1. Gee Bee Vegan says:

    love these videos! ive never been in such a situation but just seeing proper defense and imagining myself in a situation like that is at least a bit of mental prep since i have not been to any self defense trainings in a while.

  2. Mike Wazofski says:

    I know I keep preaching HEMA, but it really is helpful, goes along with a lot of stuff you teach in these videos, particularly Fiore's dagger manuals. A big thing in HEMA unarmed combat too, is that it was designed to survive attacks, muggings, robberies that type of stuff in the 1400-1500s, so it's very common sense, and last step is often to run away once you've gotten past the knife/dagger.

  3. Eric N says:

    1st do this. Then do that. Then you can do this, steal his girlfriend, bang his mom, and be the hero. Nick, you're so correct. Watching some hacks show theoretical moves in a one-two fashion just pisses me off because it does get people killed. Thanks for keeping it real life. Good video!

  4. Dylan Vip says:

    For a video you should analyze fights and tell us what they did right and what they did wrong and what they should have done I know you've done it before but it would be cool if you do it again

  5. ZodiacProd says:

    rule nr1 if you don't have a weapon is to always try and run away or get a physical barrier between you and the knife attacker. barehand against a knife is when you are trapped and there are no other options. like you don't even have ur own belt to swing at the attackers face or hands..

  6. NothingMaster says:

    Hey there Nick; a great video, as always. If I may: One seemingly crazy but highly effective strategy that I've found to work well in cases like this is to startle the attacker by spitting (the bigger and juicer the better) on his face as you're going in to close the distance and trap the knife away from him etc. This is a highly distracting [and to most people an extremely gross] move that the attacker is most likely not expecting to come from an individual who's under attack, hence it buys you a precious second or two to launch your counterattack, while his brain is trying to figure out what's going on and how to deal with this highly unorthodox, gross, and unexpected situation. A jacket, a chair, an object may not always be available to assist one against such an attacker, but the spit is always yours, if you keep your wits about you and don't dry up the saliva, so-to-speak.

  7. UNIDEN2211 says:

    There is another self def channel that says attack or control the weak hand, arm, which is the control arm, the leveraging arm, the non knife hand holding the victim — so the the move is to break out from the arm holding the victim, called the leveraging arm.

    There are some nasty real knife attack vids on the Tube that show the attacker is using the weak hand/arm to hold or control the victim while the strong hand with the knife throttles or repetitively stabs the victim. So then the advice is to break, attack, or get control of the arm without the knife. Hard to directly attack the knife hand/arm, which is retracted, and getting loaded for another thrust, over and over. My comment is just about something I saw on the Y Tube.
    Nothing easy or good is going to happen once the attack is started and gets close.
    All theoretical, and may not work in the real world. Just my two cents, prob worth much less than that for a real defense from a knife attack.
    Ambush knife attack, you're fucked!!! Fucked even if your hand gun is drawn and in your hand.

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