Defense against a Choke – Women Self Defense



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7 thoughts on “Defense against a Choke – Women Self Defense


    1) Biting like Bas Rutten said in the JRE Podcast will only encourage the choker to potentially break your neck.
    2) With a real Rear Naked Choke you can't headbutt the person who chokes you. because the hand controls the back of your head.
    3) 3:08 the most ridiculous choke attempt ever in history

  2. 1128 Mbq says:

    Some BJJ practitioners or YouTube followers of Knight Jujitsu, Stephan Kesting, etc will say that you can't outwrestle a wrestler / grappler, including BJJ folks, even with "reality-based" techniques. And they'd be right.

    But I asked a cop in my BJJ class what he thought of common criminals in this day and age informally picking up real BJJ / MMA techniques to assault people with and he said, Nah, criminals aren't that skilled. (They'd be entirely different people if they devoted their lives to disciplines like martial arts — or had the $ means to do so.) It's just violence as usual.

    And since I've never been a doorman facing violence on a semi-regular basis, your teachings are DEFINITELY worth paying attention to. (Ditto to the stuff on Sensei Ando's channel.)

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