Defense against a Choke from Behind – Women Self Defense

In this video, we are covering defense techniques you can use for a choke from behind. That can certainly be a dangerous attack.Subscribe to my channel …

44 thoughts on “Defense against a Choke from Behind – Women Self Defense

  1. Fabio Blakney says:

    that is the absolute worst move I've ever seen! Especially against a larger opponent! that slap would just make him angry and she was still trapped! Seriously where did you learn that? GO FIND A REAL BRAZILIAN JIUJITSU SCHOOL RIGHT NOW PLEASE!

  2. Ejaz Qureshi says:

    That's good but what if the killer has a sharp thing if u turned your neck will be cut. Oh and also if there is a very good killer he or she would just make a tie at the back. So make a video of that

  3. mistercool1972 says:

    Great technique, It's in my opinion the best reaction against a choke from behind , Always turn and trie to face your opponent. I 'would how ever, when I 've turned , attack his groin first. Your hand will already be in position to hit his groin area(assuming the attacker is a man 🙂 ) and maybe follow up with a elbow to the chin with the same arm. respect!  kris

  4. Jon Snow says:

    Sorry, but as soon as you realize that it's there you do not squat and turn, unless you were waiting for it and prepared the moves, especially not a woman.
    How about instead never let anybody close distance especially not behind you.

  5. flex93312 says:

    I knew that answer, but totally forgot about doing that until he demonstrated it. Good job! I need to start training again. The simple things do work. Don't take this guy for granted and think he's not for real.

  6. Comedian Gaming says:

    You can do this

    When the attacker is close behind you like touching you
    Take your leg ( left/right ) behind their left leg because it's basically the weak leg
    Quickly take your two arms and strip tightly to their neck and hardly push your ( left/right ) leg,to their left leg so their knee pushs forward
    Then you have to fall back hard so they would fall back ! Quickly punch their nuts or face

    because it's basically all men harassing women! This is actually a women self defense or a men to men self defense I granduratee you try this

  7. Sum Ma says:

    Women's self defense is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Why would you teach men and women different techniques? These "instructors" have the wrong mentality thinking that men don't get sexually assualted, don't have long hair, and that men are always stronger than women.

  8. eric thefathead says:

    most of this info. is useful. but, it's not quite this easy in a real attack situation, especially with a woman against a strong man. a groin kick, eye gouge or a neck strike are probably the only ones that will disable a man long enough to get away, if he's determined to get you or he's a psycho nut case. also, this is assuming you are not taken by surprise.

  9. -A says:

    "Love" these videos. If some dude gets a forearm/knife choke or a fucking BELT! You're fucked and fucked hard up the ass. DEFINITELY TURN & or get a hand between the choke. Self defense vids provide much FALSE sense of security.

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