Defense-Ability Demo: Combat Hapkido for the Disabled



A demo compilation of the premiere Defense-Ability Combat Hapkido Series1, Self-Defense for the disabled, with Master J. Schmidt.

3 thoughts on “Defense-Ability Demo: Combat Hapkido for the Disabled

  1. wheeliepaul says:

    Very interesting demo compilation.
    As a fellow wheelchair martial artist, I wonder if the series of DVDS has examples of how to defend when on the floor if tipped out of wheelchair. Groundwork is sadly lacking in a lot of martial arts.

  2. Wheels says:

    @dragoninheart just a update got my Defense-abilty series DVD in the mail and its cool glad I finally took the plunged and bought it.. cant wait for further updates. in the program. In closing if you are handicap and you are just curious about the martial arts buy this who knows you maybe happy with it I sure am.

  3. Wheels says:

    Can't wait to get my dvd's and start learning and as far as the hater air or no air in the tires if you get a person who knows how to defend themselves you are done with.

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