Defending Yourself WITHOUT Fighting & The Levels of Self Defense: How to Defeat Dudes Vlog

In this vlog, Im introducing the concept of leveled self defense, and how you can defend yourself every day without having to fight. Sorry this vlog entry is a bit on …

49 thoughts on “Defending Yourself WITHOUT Fighting & The Levels of Self Defense: How to Defeat Dudes Vlog

  1. Geneva Mode says:

    I can't stand the idea that my country doesn't allow law abiding citizens to carry self-defence tools (even sublethal ones) when yobbos and chavs can just pluck a kitchen knife from their house and shank someone and get maybe 6 years at the most.

    Our justice system is pathetic.

  2. trippleblah says:

    Your videos are awesome dude. So helpful and informative. This video actually made me think. I never thought about steps 1-3 as being ways to get out of a fight. I seem to jump to the conclusion that getting physical is the only resort. Really helpful!

  3. Antoinette Creary says:

    Im also a Detroit native,currently living in south florida. This was not quite what I was looking for,  but this video was interesting. If I wanted to start taking a class more for fun and weight loss around in your area of knowledge and expertise, What would you suggest as a beginners?  I was considering Capoeira at one point with a friend.

  4. Fabio González says:

    Thanks for your video, I really learn a lot watching them. However, now that you mentioned the difference of height, i would like to know what advices would you do for someone who is sadly in a physical confrontation and has to fight with someone taller and probably heavier than him, Thank you so much in advance. I'm sure a lot of people would benefit from a video about this.

  5. Chuck Johnson says:

    +Kenny Rodas Cool man. Thanks for checking it out, and I'm glad ya think so. Hope more folks at your school can see it. If nothing else, I'm glad you had a chance to see it, and I hope that can help you in how you handle situations. 

  6. Kenny Rodas says:

    Great video, this is definitely more people should view. At my high school there are many kids who believe the best way to deal with matters is physical confrontation. This video will help me avoid such situations.

  7. Chuck Johnson says:

    Thanks man. Glad to hear that you like the vids, and feel as though you can relate to them. I do my best to make stuff that people find meaningful and fulfilling and comments like yours always inspire me to keep creating. As you as you keep watchin' em, I will keep making 'em. 😉 Thanks again for the intelligent, thoughtful comment!

  8. InTheNameOfGoodness says:

    You truly get people that's what I like about you. Never underestimate your opponent even if they have no martial arts expeirence whatsoever, for all you know the guy who seems to be an ignorant street person could be drunk, cracked out, or have some sort of mental problem. And that makes them extremely dangerous, because what you would think is a KO blow wouldn't even hurt them.

  9. Chuck Johnson says:

    'sup bruh. Excellent comment. Yeah, it's just not worth it man. Especially nowadays. Yeah, I could tell you were a martial artist from your videos 😉 And ur build! You got the Bruce Lee thang goin' on 😉 lol

  10. TheAlmonteFilms says:

    I agree completely. I'm a Martial Artist and I'm taught that if you are going to be robbed, you never know what the other person might have and how many of their thug friends are around in case you try to be a hero. Nowadays people don't fight 1 on 1 Hand to hand anymore. I've seen a kid try to fight back 2 guys, and about 20 came pouring out to jump him when he resisted giving his phone. Physical Self defense should be used as a last resort when it's completely unavoidable. Great tips

  11. Θείος Λαδό says:

    Lol my father was like super crazy to get me some martial arts background so at age 5 or 6 I started tae kwon do and I was a black belt by the age of 13 if I recall correctly so I kinda learned early on not to hit in the growing 😛 There is Always a bending knee that the other person has because if they want to hold you really tight they have to get their center of gravity down so I just go straight for that 😛

  12. Chuck Johnson says:

    Thanks man. Glad ya like the vids. Its always great to hear from other instructors (particularly when they say they like the vids 😉 As for my background, I am a taekwondo master. (2x state and national champ), but Ive also been a bodyguard for 10 years, for which I was given training in Hanmudo, Krav Maga, Police Baton, kickboxing, and of course, BJJ. Beyond that, on my own also cross trained (and continue to train in) Hapkido, Capoeira, Karate, and Kobudo. Basically, I train 5-8 times a week.

  13. Chuck Johnson says:

    Thanks Chris. Great to hear from ya. By the way, if you get a chance, there is someone I think you should drop a line too. His user name is Jetrider11. He's a young fellow who is just starting his way on the Shotokan path, and he's got a lot of great questions. Coming from a shotokan background, I thought you would be a good person for him to know. Just scroll down in the comments section and you can see him. Cheers, for the comment, and speak to ya soon brother.

  14. Hull SKC says:

    Hi Chuck, and thanks for posting this video. I have been involved in karate for 20 years and upto now have never had to use it. I have talked myself out of situations a few times which nearly became violent. Great advice from a wise man. Osu, Chris

  15. Thoeun Kong says:

    Good video with great points. Everyone always looks up "how to defend yourself in a fight". That's the fire fighting approach. What you're talking about here is fire prevention.

  16. Chuck Johnson says:

    Yeah, I know… 😉 Sorry, thought up the analogy on the spot. Perhaps I should've said, "Apex predators don't hunt Apex predators" , but I thought the lions and tigers thing was simpler. Anyway, thanks for checking out the vid 😉

  17. Chuck Johnson says:

    Yeah…not my best moment. At the time, I didn't actually know any headlock escapes yet (I was a lot younger), and with the particular way he grabbed me, that was the only thing I saw open. Such is how you learn I guess (for both of us, lol).

  18. Chuck Johnson says:

    Absolutely. Great comment. Yeah, Ive had some really close calls myself. The last time I actually lost my temper (I knew I shouldn't have let that happen, but the guy just wouldn't let it go) thankfully, he backed down at the last minute so we both peacefully walked away from it. It's entirely possible that he had a knife or something (like the Vietnamese guy), so I don't regret that resolution in the least. Agreed, it's always better to put the ego away, and stay objective about the situation.

  19. mruk4u says:

    Basically, 'avoid rather than fight!' I been following that advice for the last 50 years; and, so far to date have manage to remain ALIVE. I must admit, though that, at times, my ego got rather heavily bruised; having to avoid dangerous people/places; or, talk/walk/run away; but, then, again, I never been stabbed/shot/got gang banged on, neither; though, sometimes, I swear things got awful close! A tough battle to fight is against one's own ego telling one to go give it a TRY. Do NOT listen!

  20. Chuck Johnson says:

    Thanks man. I'm glad you enjoy them, and find them useful. Don't worry, I remember you…You are the only Isiah I know 😉 Sure, we can do that interview whenever you are ready. Just lemme know how you wanna swing it. Holla at ya soon!

  21. Chuck Johnson says:

    Thanks bruh 😉 Actually, so have I 🙂 (And of course, there were those times where I didn't… with a less than desirable outcome 😉 That's how ya learn though! Anyway, thanks again for watching, and holla at ya soon!

  22. Chuck Johnson says:

    Thanks man, will do. Am planning on doing a follow-up vid to this one (focusing on Level 3- diffusing the situation verbally) soon. Keep an eye out for it. Also, the next episode of How to Defeat Dudes will be uploaded on thursday or so. Thanks for checking out the vids, and holla at ya soon!


  23. Chuck Johnson says:

    Thanks dude! I'm really glad this has been received so positively. Afterall, it's actually the longest one Ive ever made, and there isn't much in the way of action in it. Wasn't sure how peeps would like it, but felt it was important to cover. Thanks for watching it all the way through! Planning on doing a follow-up vid specifically dealing with Level 3 (Diffusing the situation verbally) soon. Keep an eye out! 😉

  24. Chuck Johnson says:

    Interesting idea. I'd be happy to. If you know of any that are interested, please feel free to drop me a line. 🙂 I live in Tokyo, but I bounce back and forth to the states fairly regularly, so it could be totally doable, I suppose 😉

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