Defending Against the Three Most Common Attacks

Sifu Numrich explains how to defend yourself against the three most common attacks, using the range and tools few attackers will expect. Perfect information …

22 thoughts on “Defending Against the Three Most Common Attacks

  1. disclaimer05 says:

    As someone who worked as a bouncer for a while, and goes to bars fairly frequently, the most common attacks occur from the front. If I had to choose three, I would say 1) wide, swinging haymaker punches 2) One hand grab on the shirt or throat while punching with the other 3) Tackle or front bear hug. Most untrained people swing at each other or use weird hammerfist-like strikes until someone falls to the ground-usually from tripping or getting hit hard- and then someone pulls full mount.

  2. guird4 says:

    I've been in a chokehold before, and none of those things worked. he had his arm blocking his solar plexus, I couldn't move my head and he was standing so that I couldn't get at the groin. when someone comes from behind you can't see what they're doing, you need something that works all of the time.

  3. MadOrkest says:

    There was a study done not too long ago. I think it was like 97% of "street fights" started with a right punch of some kind. I think this video is more directed toward "bigger" people attacking smaller, weaker ones. He may also be excluding the right punch scenario because there are so many videos on what to do with that.

  4. hoaian1 says:

    good sirs, i mean no offend when i say this but all of these are counter grabbing( attacker usually use grabbing for woman) when they try to assault man, they always hit first or even try to kill you.

  5. childworshipsbuddha says:

    I'd be intrigued to know in what attack scenario someone would walk up to you and grab your shirt with both hands. maybe if it was just some stupid street fight, but a life or death attack. although, even then the attack would involve more than just grabbing and standing there. pushing you back/to the sides for instance. even if you could land elbows effectively, getting 'bowed in the face isn't nearly enough to stop a determined attacker. quit spreading hearsay MA myths.

  6. tcaetano1 says:

    You can lock against a sloppy right punch, but JKD in his true essence doesn't incorporate many locks, especially in that situation. Remember that JKD is economy of motion and energy. Against a sloppy punch you would intercept or do a simultaneous block and strike. For a begginer maybe defend first the punch and then do a strike (punch or kick)

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