Defending Against a Knife Attack

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29 thoughts on “Defending Against a Knife Attack

  1. sickmrtrick says:


    (what would Jesus do) What would JOE ROGAN think?

    Joe Rogan would think you're a DICK for trying to teach someone this stupidity. ALSO HE HAS "Hands" Knees" "feet" AND A FUCKNG KNIFE,

  2. Dat Sun says:

    Getting sick and tired on these stuoid fuck8ng sh8t on every vid on itube. Nobody attacks with a knife likes that!!! Yhey weild it like maniacs eith no stance! Try using ur planned shit moves on that!

  3. TheCarmacon says:

    dude doesn't know shit. you never block with the inside of your arm! that's where your critical blood vessels are. and what's with all that fumbling and tango dancing around the attacker's wrist? LOL

  4. Lonewolf1970 says:

    Grabbing the knife hand is a no-no (good way to slice your hand open if the assailant decides to pull back). Just pass it and run.. look for an equalizer to defang the snake if you can't escape.. Defending a knife is a no-no.

  5. Snoop Cat says:

    This wasn't realistic, I know this cause I'm a ex Marine and, I have experience with Krav Maga, you will never use this tactic in a real life, you will never have time to move away or grab his arm, you will get a slash at first. When you get the cut you will have trap his arm against you're stomach, and pin him to the ground. NEVER I REPEAT NEVER attack you're attacker with the attackers weapon, cause that will not look good in court.

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