Defend Yourself from Someone Pulling Out a Knife During a Fight

“How to defend against an attacker who pulls out a knife during an altercation?” This is a great question that came from our last self-defense survey. We have …

36 thoughts on “Defend Yourself from Someone Pulling Out a Knife During a Fight

  1. Devon Basson says:

    Hahaha the attacker would have taken the knife with his other hand immediately, in that scenario… That will never work, either disarm him or knock him out, but "holding the knife close to his body" is not going to get you very far

  2. LAXXY says:

    At my school there is a kid and when we get in fights he pulls out a knife and I want to learn how to defend myself if he does as you see I'm in a redneck school wich im redneck of course and I love it but thank you very much

  3. Jhon Howard says:

    yes this is very good but i want to know that how can i defend myself when i am walking on road and a man with big knife running towards me as son as i i move he would hit me with his two how can i defend my self in this situation if you answer i would be very thankful 

  4. Jay McCain says:

    I think that your trying to prevent the aggressor from getting the knife is a bad idea, because it assumes that you are stronger, and that you can also prevent him from switching it to the other hand that can't see. I prefer the tactic that you displayed in another video, in that once you discern that your attacker is reaching for something, that you start striking instead.

  5. Martin Strang 1st says:

    What would u do to defend against an unprovoked attack, where the assailant is coming at you using his trouser belt with buckle?.
    I ask after an assailant attack, where his belt was wrapped around hand & I thought it was a knife.(due to darkness & the silver shine from the buckle).
    I was preparin for a knife assault.When he opened out the belt, & swang it furiously, it gave him a distance advantage, I wasnt prepared for..I closed the gap & disarmed.
    Not before a no. of upper-body cuts & grazes.

  6. Fabio Stefanini says:

    Plus, I don't think I'll ever be able to keep his knife there once pulled out. Furthermore, why didn't he switch hand? He could have pass the knife on the other hand…

    Sorry man, I'm always skeptical with knife stuff… Paul Vunak made me realize long ago there is no game with knives 🙂

    Thanks for the videos! Waiting for you reply

  7. Fabio Stefanini says:

    I just subscribed. I like your videos, always very interesting, fun to watch, compact lessons, no chat chat 🙂
    But I must say I disagree with this particular video… You are right in that you have to be able to always "sense" what's going on, especially if he is going to pull out a knife. But I think, at least in the situation you show, you should just elbow straight on his head since he opened his defense by going back with the arm. Plus, …

  8. Goblinjimmscave says:

    Im not the man here and Im definitely no master but I would recommend clinching up with him, use the size and strength, get a hold of the guy, then you can get creative with next steps, knees, elbows, slams, its up to you

  9. Mr Boss says:

    Hey Nick , I am a big guy. Pretty strong.. But I don't know if i can defend myself propperly against a really fast oponnent. I've been in situations where a guy throws incredibly fast a series of straight punches.What do I do if that happens to me? And what is the best defence if the attacker is faster?

    Και χαιρετίσματα απο Ελλάδα!! 😀

  10. SuperFrankie08 says:

    Nick last time you showed how to defend from a sucker punch by looking at their leg and hand movements but what if some of them punch too fast too even notice or he does not even move his legs

  11. Mol B says:

    Nick, what are some of the most effectice, complete systems you could recommend? And obviously which has similar, realistic training like yours for modern application?

  12. Asiyx says:

    Wow. I just came to your channel 20 minutes ago. Your content is amazing and I believe it will help me in many ways in the future! I couldn't stop myself from subscribing to your channel; keep doing this man! 😀

  13. elendiel says:

    I'd say when he has one hand somewhere else (where you can't reach), strike him as hard as you can with your free hand (and don't stop hitting). Same thing applies when he for example grabs one of your hand with both of his.

  14. selfpolicing says:

    Hi! Thanks for the advice. I Think as soon as you get in to the clinch you have to attack the face, eyes, throat or take him down if you can. You must make him to defend himself. Attack the attacker. Take care.

  15. wwfarch says:

    That's fair enough but people, especially untrained people, aren't going to remember everything said in past videos. Important points need to be reinforced constantly. Obviously people shouldn't be using youtube as their primary source of training/education material but many people do. We should aim to do our best to keep those people cognizant of the details they're missing out on.

  16. wwfarch says:

    I think there's a key point you didn't discuss in the video. You didn't touch on the fact that you also need to be aware of what his other arm is doing. If you let him bring that other arm near the trapped arm he can swap the knife between hands.

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