Defeat a Bigger Opponent in a Street Fight – H2H Self-Defense Training

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22 thoughts on “Defeat a Bigger Opponent in a Street Fight – H2H Self-Defense Training

  1. Arian Bashtar says:

    I appreciate the strategy, but this guy is not that much bigger than you, and you, to begin with are not small. I was hoping for something when the guy has a foot or two of height advantage. Teach how to fight without taking the fight to the ground.

  2. charly babylon says:

    What happened to never ever take your eyes off your opponent? By ducking like that and losing track you can get beaten like a punching bag especially when fighting an angry violent person.

  3. 666MrCactus says:

    If you practise the block you demonstrated at the start, no possible way that someone can punch through it. Correct timing and technique is not possible to break. You would need a strongman to crush a block like that.

  4. Angel King says:

    It's funny how ppl keep using the multiple threat if you fight in the ground excuse. I did jiujitsu in a street fight and it worked! In real life, use anything that works or that you are essentially good at to survive!

  5. Trey Dean says:

    Lol I did that shit bruh and it fuckin worked. 300 pound nigga and im only 160. Fuck u mean lol but I didn't know there was a video about the technique so this is mine. Fuck outa here

  6. Apoc says:

    Then you should continue the story if you power into a bigger guy the grab you and slam you down. I would say stay up let them wear down and lights out them after about 2 mins they will wear out. Don't get grabbed though, then you will be asking to get slammed down and have seen many of people go night night  from a slam.

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