Dealing With Ignorant Karate Teachers

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12 thoughts on “Dealing With Ignorant Karate Teachers

  1. Ethan Chaney says:

    The thing is capoeira has definitely been used in MMA and kick boxing matches and as I type this you're saying it works if you mix it with something else and that's basically what I mean, like if it's in MMA. So yup, nvmrd I guess.

  2. RennyRe says:

    People always hate on Karate, but the Karate blitz as shown by Robert Whittaker, Lyoto Machida, Stehpen Thompson and George St. Pierre is actually very effective and quite powerful. Yes, of course you have to refine your game by sparring and BJJ but for a self defense situation, a quick straight right that has been trained for power on a punching bag or Makiwara would be very effective. I'm a BJJ guy with some boxing every once in a while so I'm not biased or anything. Just saying people shouldn't always shit on Karate…

  3. Douglas Weaver says:

    Could you tell us something about your martial arts and educational background? You have a lot of opinions, but could you back up your opinions with a little information about your credentials…

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