30 thoughts on “Dealing with a Crackhead – Self Defense

  1. Jason Walton says:

    First n foremost..never let a crackhead come n arms reach..they're fast and surprisingly strong..I tried knocking out a few during encounters. Dude kept coming coming asking why I was hitting him with his head spilt open with a mag light lol..I used to live n Detroit

  2. Joshua Thompson says:

    There is a shortage of street awareness videos like this. Naturally some people just have it and some don't, so I appreciate the effort. But I would never let anyone acting like that get near that close to me. It's better to be ready and possibly provoke an attack then act weak like you are afraid of confrontation, because that is the type of victim people are looking for when they size you up, case you whatever. If someone started walking up to me like that I would ask him "can I help you with something?" in a way that lets him know he is too close and you are not going to let him violate your space like you just did. I am a security guard and I deal with people like this on a daily basis. People always test you before they attack, but if you let them get that close to you without letting them know it's not cool, they are going to do something for sure that they may not have if you stood up for yourself. They are just overgrown bullies. Progression is 1. Avoid 2. Can I help you? etc 3. Back up please 4. Back up!! (Loud, you need witnesses at this point) 5. Shove them back, BACK UP!! 6. Fight inevitable. DON'T hesitate. This way they are never close enough to reach you without you knowing you have exhausted all other resources. If they have a knife and they are near contact range, especially if they go for the body even if you block and redirect their energy they will cut you. If you defend proactively with striking that may not happen, but when they are close you won't have time to stop the knife and hit. Same if its empty handed. Still a bad situation. Don't EVER compromise your reaction time just to avoid an attack. If they are intent on attacking this will only make you a good victim. 1:00 the crackhead already went too far. Other guy doesn't have enough room or the right position to react.

  3. Shlami Mk4 says:

    Wow that shit brings up some bad memories. Thats why I stopped doing wing chun. My automatic stance became to obvious and predictable that can make a bad situation even worse.

  4. Kobies Boxing says:

    These crackheads are a problem. But sometimes you just have to put aside being civilized & step to a crackhead with some attitude & authority, and then be willing to follow it up if need be with whatever hand to hand combat you're familiar with.

  5. Alice Liddell says:

    One day 2 guys tried to rob me and i was with both hands on my pockets one holding my wallet and one my phone, one guy pulls out a kitchen knife and asks for my phone, and i tried to think of something while talking some distracting shit, so i turn my side to free my hand and punch one of them in the face and i get one in the chin too, then i call for help and some grampa fakes pulling a knife and they both run away, since then i never carry anything on my pockets because they approach you reaching your pockets, and never with hands on my pockets again. (also a balisong)

  6. Hansen Vs Predator says:

    So do you strike at that point when he invaded your private space, or do you restrain yourself and take a few steps back instead? The way I see it is to take no chances and to strike first and strike hard. I do not want to wait to find out what his next move is going to be at that point, because it certainly wont be a pleasant one.

  7. Tony Scott says:

    Please don't watch YouTube videos and, with all respect, think you are invincible in any situation. The moves being demonstrated here are easily done in a practice environment; He is able to show us his technique because he has done them many, many times. These moves he is teaching here should be a "Last resort". NOT getting into an altercation in the first place is ALWAYS your best defense.
    -Blue belt (almost black tip)
    *slightly lowers head out of respect

  8. Eazy Rider says:

    Beautiful work exactly like my recommended technique I showed in a video I did well over a year ago, Im not an instructor but I give real life situation advice just like this its perfect. With your hands up rubbing your face or scratching your shoulder with the opposite hand is what I call pre loading

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