Deadly Art of Eskrima knife fighting by Stroeven part 3



Knife Fighting by Frans Stroeven and Marcel van Dongen. More information

13 thoughts on “Deadly Art of Eskrima knife fighting by Stroeven part 3

  1. Marc A. says:

    Eskrima is learned from the Philippines,take a look at the uniforms they are wearing,you will notice the Philippine Flag on the left shoulder of each uniform. This is cool!

  2. Jojo77619 says:

    Impressive! I study kali arnis escrima, and I really appreciate this video. Nice explication and nice movement, easy to integrate with the style I'm studing.

  3. knife kali says:

    My compliments, excellent counters. I am a kali practitioner and counters play a major role in my system. Too often, some non FMA systems teach a knife technique and fail to consider its counter, this is nice to see another FMA systems do the same. This too, is why I put my money on FMA.

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