Deadly Art of Eskrima Knife fighting by Frans Stroeven Part1

Doce Pares Eskrima knife fighting permormed by Frans Stroeven and Marcel van Dongen. More information

34 thoughts on “Deadly Art of Eskrima Knife fighting by Frans Stroeven Part1

  1. Alain Catalla says:


    Not much different from Norse blacksmiths praying to their God, or other smiths in other cultures. You can find parallels everywhere. And when you're making something that'll probably save your ass, no harm in asking everyone else in the universe to pitch in right?

  2. Maria Theresa Martinez says:

    bullshit………..eskrima get first trained with weapons and later with empty hands that means grappling takedowns nerve attacks kicks punches elbow and knee strikes a full and extensive system.stick fighting is also trained for reflexe coordination and reaction

  3. robayojimbo says:

    it depends on the grip. generally, not strictly, hammer grip the back of the palm side, if icepick grip, use the palm side. check out misparry using these and you'll know why. hope these helps

  4. Gamaliel Jr. Beltran says:

    No wonder why Filipinos died in just 10 sec with with 14 multiple stabs on the street during a fight… it is on their instinct.. when Americans stab a person they can still take that person to a hospital… not so in the Phil.. many Filipino women kill there boss in the middle east using knifes when they maltreated them.. now i understand… wew

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