DEADLIEST Weapon in Martial Arts – CHAIN WHIP



DEADLIEST Weapon in Martial Arts – CHAIN WHIP. In Kung Fu, the Chain Whip (also called the 9 Section Steel Whip) is one of the most challenging weapons to …

27 thoughts on “DEADLIEST Weapon in Martial Arts – CHAIN WHIP

  1. dospooks says:

    These videos are excellent. I was wondering if there are any shorter chain whips, like 7 links? I'm on the short side, and it hits the ground all the time. Or maybe one with shorter links? Thanks for the great work

  2. Vato Viejo says:

    Am looking for home defense weapons and ran across this vid. I don't want the responsibilities that gun ownership requires and I want something that can be used nonlethally but can still be lethal. These chains are fine if I am engaged outdoors but I think they would be totally useless indoors with ceilings blocking the arc. Batons, escrima, knives, axes all work well in confined spaces of a home. Chain whips not so much.

  3. Art Tech says:

    Jake, please post a chain whip video that shows normal combat speed. Every weapon video you have is in slow motion. Not that we don't appreciate the sound effects and glib comments with the "teaching" slow-mo but you can still show normal speed weapon application. Anyone interested in an actually impressive chain whip demo check this out: Zhang Xiaolong (Hubei Team) with Jiujiebian at 2014 China Traditional Wushu Nationals. 1st Place.

  4. Phinehas Priest says:

    Did anyone else get here by watching videos on BS martial arts?
    Some guy's going to beat you dead with a baseball bat, but you can make a chain chain wrap around your neck, lol, then lay on the ground flopping like a fish, lol, then roll a couple of times, rofl, how can it fail?

  5. Joshua Moore says:

    Do you know Walter aka Aaron Morris. I tried practicing at his house in Scottsdale a little bit back in high school with different weapons including the chain whip.

  6. Robert Stanley says:

    i came here hoping to see the "deadliest" weapon in action. at least whip up some watermelons or a mannequin made from ballistics gel or something. you've got skills, no doubt, at twirling the thing around. i don't doubt it could hurt someone, but calling something deadly and then not showing what it can do in a fight at all? even against a board or something?!? again, you really showed its potential to a degree, but… it was a bit of a let down.

  7. Mr Jigs Johan Helberg says:

    Why don't you change your name legally if you don't want Jacob fraud people do what you do Jacob? And you maybe got the talent to do some stuff in Kung Fu but you are no master or teacher in it. Learn from a Master Master Song is from a Shaolin Temple and his students were in New Zealand. Where are your students did they compete? Did you compete? If you really had a dojo you never leave your students behind and you do not know how to teach. Rather take of your fraudulent videos and learn to farm and stay in Canada.

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