Deadliest Knife Fighting Tactics

Knife expert Addy Hernandez shows step by step detail in her new Dvd “A Cut Above” by Unique Publications.

25 thoughts on “Deadliest Knife Fighting Tactics

  1. worldworks says:


    Shut the fuck up and meanwhile these attention whores who imitate the J-LO look get to where the breast exposing ass out shorts. Dude she has not only true Mestizo beauty despite the fact that she is technically Filipino what makes her appealing is she has character usually most females they are always quiet and men have to impress them in order to get a response. Women who appear to have some character immediately earn respect.

  2. tsunaminw says:

    hey beandick, it might surprise you that this and Libre have the same roots in FMA and Silat, and the instructors know each other. Except that Libres founder has much less experience.

  3. tsunaminw says:

    If you have had any knife training other than army basic or tkd then you know that training knife is modeled after the Spyderco Endura.
    And in the hands of someone skilled, any knife can be made to work. A ballpoint pen. For pretending to be an expert, you are fooling nobody but the 15yr old kids with Bruce Lee posters on the wall and a Janes Guide next to the Dungeon Masters Guide on your Spiderman Desk.

  4. tsunaminw says:

    wow, most of you are too stupid to see talent when you see it, a bunch of boys who dont train or know any women being armchair critics.
    and most of the other style comparisons have the same roots as this one, if you actually trained and had some knowledge that would be obvious.

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