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39 thoughts on “Deadliest D&D 🔪Dagger🔪 Fighter 🏰🐉 Dungeons and Dragons Character Builds

  1. Necrash Wolfcrux says:

    I would make a kensey weapon monk gets daggers to 1d10dmg on martial arts alone sharpshooter for the extra 10dmg and did i say its a wood elf to take elven acc to round off his 18dex from 17 at lvl 1 and also gets 3triple advantage to make the sharpshooter +10dmg kick in. Im not even going to calculate poisoners kit from the outlander background just to be fair. Just saying 2 knife thrown for 1D10+5+10 x2 thats a almost imposible miss at triple advantage sure first attack is from stealth to land that adv get the juices going. But wait thats not all add 3ki to each and you now have +3 weapons use your bonus action at the start of the turn and add 1D4 and also once per turn use 1ki to add 1d10 aka martial art die to your weapon soooo 2 attacks at 1d10+3 +5dex +10Sharpshooter +1d4bonus and add+1d10 for 1ki to one attack thats granted you rolled 3D20 let the Crits talk and the GM cry!!! 55dmg for 2 daggers use your speed run up before he hits the ground gouge them out and throw em again!!! Ohhh by the way if another dagger thrower decided to claim supremacy he would grab his daggers out the air and shoot them back at him… just saying.

  2. JayneCobb88 says:

    Just talk with the DM about ignoring the drawing weapons rule. Bow users have to draw an arrow, nock it, draw the bow, aim and loose for each attack. Dagger fighters just have to draw and throw.
    Besides, mechanically it’s a trade off. Bows get a larger damage die and MUCH longer range but daggers can get an extra attack.

  3. JuckiCZ says:

    Why didn't they mention paladin at all? The best class for throwing characters? With 11th level paladin you get +cha to all saves, +1d8 to every hit from improved smite (even at range), second aura (I prefer ancients for spell dmg resistance), defensive FS, lay on hands, lot of usefull spells, this seems like much more, than fighter will give me!
    So I prefer Ranger 8 / paladin 12 multiclass for colossus slayer, 2WFS, H's mark,…, also dual wielder for 3 attacks 2 first turns of combat even without casting HM and enough spells to smite in melee if needed.
    Nerdarchy build seem realy lame to me…

  4. Logan Joiner says:

    My halfling archer is currently a lvl 5 ranger, lvl 3 rogue and a lvl 2 fighter.

    Eventually, I’m planning on having him be a lvl 5 ranger, lvl 5 fighter, lvl 7 rogue and a lvl 3 bard.

  5. Enforcer Hound1 says:

    I’m making an npc that’s a drow commander of an intelligence agency in the kingdom I was thinking of making her a rouge fighter but for my more important npc’s I make them as half character sheets so I have the stats and stuff their class can do on a character sheet this character is 15 but I’m not sure how to break up the lvls I was thinking 10 rouge and 5 fighter but I’m not sure what arktypes to pick for the rouge and fighter. Each person in this intelligence agency is a specialist in a field the commanders infiltration and assassination any thoughts on what to pick for the ark types in game she doesn’t seem like the person who would assume identity’s from the assassin rouge so I’m at a road block sry for the long message and thanks for the help

  6. Charles Phillips says:

    I was under the impression that (RAW) thrown weapons do not qualify as ranged weapons. According to Jeremy Crawford (and how I interpret the PHB) a thrown weapon is a melee weapon that can be used to make a ranged attack. Due to it not being a ranged weapon it does not qualify for Archery, the -5/+10 of sharpshooter, and if it isn’t a finesse weapon it doesn’t qualify for sneak attack.

  7. Shayne Carter-Murray says:

    Id go fighter 5 (champion) for the crits and extra attack and rogue 15 for all that sneak attack. Plus rogue get an extra feat at 10, so you don't really "lose" a feat. You cam really only throw 2 daggers a round, but one is going to do 8d6 sneak attack damage plus double crit chance. And use that bonus action for cunning action hide to get advantage to make up for not taking the archer fighting style.

  8. Michael Autrey says:

    seems like it would be a better idea to have a dart thrower rather than a dagger thrower.darts are smaller and you can carry more of them while at the same time doing the same damage as a dagger.

  9. Toots McDunno says:

    Aside from the comments pointing out that a dagger is not a ranged weapon but is, instead, a melee weapon with the thrown property, the fact that it is a finesse weapon is being ignored. That means that focusing only on dex builds is not necessary. The finesse property means that you can wield a dagger with either dexterity OR strength, and that includes making a range attack with the thrown property.

  10. JenoPaciano says:

    Just play a Thief Rogue. Most of your damage comes from sneak attack, and you can apply poison to your weapon as a bonus action with Fast Hands. This character is normally better with a bow, but daggers have more magic item potential and allow you to make opportunity attacks when appropriate.

  11. Tristan Nolan says:

    I like the idea of a dex paladin for a character that mostly just fights in your face, take defender fighting style and mid game when you get improved diving smite, Your Damage will be good enough. When you feel like it you could throw your knife and if it hits use a divine smite. It just seems really badass as a paladin, you attack the first guy fuck him up with two rapier hits possibly defeating him, and then taking out the next guy with a smite dagger. I’d say go vengeance or conquest.

  12. william britt says:

    What about tinker gnome artificer and have your golem carry two tower shields that you made to shoot daggers. Maybe a few levels in wizard or whatever spell class to get ice knife

  13. John Landon says:

    what about a more mystic kind of knife thrower of 11 horizon walker ranger 5 levels in otherworldly warlock pact of the blade, and then 4 levels in battle master. i was wondering about this build any comments?

  14. Sean Braden says:

    'The range weapon debate is stupid. So as written a monk can defect a arrow speeding at him because it is a "range" weapon but he cant deflect a slow ass spear because it is a melee thrown weapon. Also as someone mentioned he could deflect a firearm or a cannon but again not a trident….Also a dart is a range weapon but I cant keep it in my hand and stick someone in the head? Sometimes you have to look at the intention not the letter of the law.

  15. Blackwingz says:

    I feel ranger knife throwers are the best thematically, thrown daggers interact with conjure barrage/volley and lightning arrow. It is absolutely badass to describe the volley and barrage spells as just throwing a shit ton of knives at once.

  16. titsofbrass says:

    Ok guys I have a challenge build for you to make a guts type char with mini throwing bombs , darts or throwing knives, hand crossbow, and longsword or battleaxe get ALL 4 these weapons if possible so mabey weapons master and you are going to need a good ac so maybe like barbarian /monk /fighter/alchemist class I have no clue I was just thinking it be cool to have invisible mini bombs tied to darts that do lingering damage that again if that combo could even work and make the guy on something really weird like tortle or aarocokra is it possible to make it viable

  17. Christian Swensen says:

    Nomad Mystic with the Nomadic Arrow discipline? It ignores anything that gives you disadvantage with ranged attack, and gives you the ability to pump your ranged attack (not indefinitely) up to 7d10 once each turn. The description says "ranged weapon." So a dagger should be allowable. Even at point blank, you could still throw it if you want to pump the damage rather than making the melee attack.
    With a bit of thinking, you could go straight class mystic and still essentially ignore INT, allowing your to pump your DEX and CON and even another stat if you wanted. All you'd have to do is choose your disciplines and talents as non-contested abilities so that you don't have to use your INT bonus as a spell attack or challenge to saving. So basically, you're using the class abilities as buffs/heals so that they're never contested.

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