David James Vee-Arnis-Jitsu Gun Defense

Highlights from Professor David James Vee-Arnis-Jitsu Series, this is from DVD #5 which also has knife defense, empty hand defense and stick fighting.

35 thoughts on “David James Vee-Arnis-Jitsu Gun Defense

  1. Cosmic Moor says:

    Real Talk! Real life or death no bull shit! Its like that in NY or any where else. We aint trained this in commercial kick boxing factories.Mostlikely cats aint gonna get that close on u wid the iron cuz they know.

  2. smalldog221 says:

    Hopefully, you will be robbed by an idiot who is going to do what you train in your class.
    Chances are, he will have it pointed center mass and be standing back a foot at least.
    The cash in your wallet isnt even worth the chance.Give it to him. Then pull out your 40 S&W out of your ankle holster and pop in in the back as he runs away and then grab your wallet and whatever he has on him.
    You sure your from the streets of NYC?

  3. Lee Potier says:

    I have a lot of respect for David having read the Black Belt issue with a feature article on him. All the best David, thank you for your contributions to the martial arts

  4. sean dunn says:

    but ya gotta get the gun away from your head, the mugger could be nervous, shaking full of adrenaline and could pull the trigger accidentally, do you want to take that chance, why would you trust this guy with a gun to your head not to shoot you just because you said ok here's my money……dumb

  5. Stephen Delaney says:

    All that happens when you cover the ejection port of a semi-auromatic pistol, it just burns slightly and leaves a black powderburn.

    It also prevents the weapon from cycling, the empty cartridge casing is still in the chamber, (The weapon is now jammed and unable to fire.) which means the slide has to be pulled back, to eject the empty casing and chamber another live round.

  6. karatevideoguy says:

    jitsuman you will be surprised. I am the person who videotaped this series and Professor James will school you. When he is done with you, you will be beging him to teach you. Heck of his white belts would probably hurt you.

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