David James Knife Defense Vee-Arnis-Jitsu

Highlights from Professor David James Vee-Arnis-Jitsu Series, this is from DVD #5 which also has knife defense, empty hand defense and stick fighting.

42 thoughts on “David James Knife Defense Vee-Arnis-Jitsu

  1. Ur Momma says:

    @vvvvnewcreation – Did you watch his 10 commandments of self defense? They are pretty much the only significant things any martial artist should know. So who is he stupid? keyboard wizard.

  2. davids11131113 says:

    @Brendon26 And thats all it is Brendon, your opinion, with no facts involved. How you can say David James is a FRAUD is beyond me….after all David James RAN Prof V's Manhattan school for about 10 years before he died…oh but he doesnt know Prof V's VAJ system? Come on man, it doesnt even begin to make sense what youre saying. Maybe you guys are the ones not doing it right, because it certainly isnt David ames who has it wrong.

  3. davids11131113 says:

    @Brendon26 Just like 'vvvnewcreation' below who swears up and down he's a true VA student under that other guy you talk about…watch his video as he demonstrates his 'VAJ' against a bodybuilder throwing hi kicks from 15 feet away until he finaly grapples and does a simple rear trip then sits on the guys chest and slaps him. This has nothing to do with Prof V's VAJ system of principals of self defense at all.

  4. murfjitsu says:

    Vee Arnis Jitsu was founded by Florendo Visitacion or Professor Vee, hence the Vee Arnis Jitsu. It is a phillipino art. Arnis, or kali is stick fighting and the tecniques in most phillipino martial arts use similar movements for both. If you have the choice, give up your wallet. If not, Vee Arnis with David James is a good start. I would trust it more than Krav Maga, mostly because I don't have any idea where to find a credible instructor. Good stuff here though. Keep training guys.

  5. paciouno1 says:

    i just want to make it clear there is footwork in vee arnis jitsu… its call triangular steping… instead of dissing and talking a bunch of nonsence this is for the doubters why don't take a training class. it just might change your mind, remember this is self defence plain and simple…

  6. paciouno1 says:

    i did vee jitsu when i was in college about 10 years ago and to this day i have never forgotten it this type of martial arts becomes apart of you the techniques and very natural no katas..

  7. kaminogarou1 says:

    Prof. Vee siad it best…"There are different types of law…business law, criminal law, civil law…but you are still practicing law. That is why I have so many styles and heirs. " He basically has many heirs that did their own thing and he developed his styles and at certian points in his life, he evolved, while still keeping the old stuff valid.All respect to Prof. Vee and all of his heirs! Osu!

  8. C Bean says:

    If you see what they are doing. They aren't deflecting the blade with their hand or anything. They are actually deflecting at the area of the attacker's wrist, causing them not to be cut.
    If you would watch instead of supering out you're arrogance, that would be better.

  9. magi115 says:

    It's a movement drill kids. Vee Arnis is the most expanse and versitile fighting system. For anyone who has worked on knife defense there is no easy way to the secure the weapon.

  10. Roy Marshall says:

    I agree that these dudes would get stabbed and cut, I would "look elsewhere." In a knife fight you will always get cut and/or stabbed unless you have a gun, telescoping baton, etc.

  11. mike gerrity says:

    Charles Gerrity and also Jim Roma his most senior students Prof Vee's Daughter a supreme court justice for NY, Embrasses them as true followers and teachers of his system. They where the only ones invited back to her house after the funeral years ago. And at moses powell funeral James could not even look charles in the eyes becuase he knew he was wrong in what he tells everyone.

  12. karatevideoguy says:

    He may be the most senior student, but Professpr Vee gave the Vee-Arnis-Jitsu branch to David James. There are other branches of the Late Professor Vee's organization out there like Vee Jitsu Arnis Te system, Veejitsu Ryu, Vee Jitsu '55, Visitacion Kuntao, Vee Jitsu '65, Vee Jitsu Ryu Jiujitsu.
    Who is your father then? You are making claims, now you need to back them up.

  13. karatevideoguy says:

    I am sorry you have been so misled. Professor David James is the only person that is the head of the Vee-Arnis-Jitsu arm of the Late great Professor Florendo M. Visitacion, anyone else out there climing that is a fraud. And you are being duped.

  14. scopeophile says:

    why on why oh why are they blocking a knife attack with the FRONT of the hands and forearms – you know the bit of your arm where you have tendons, big ass arteries close to the surface?
    Surely better to expose as little to serious injury as possible?

  15. Mike Sheng says:

    Usually if a guy talks to you when he pointing a knife at you,he really don't want to hurt you its a mindgame he's trying to punk you.However like you said most guys will cut you without a word.

  16. Rakra says:

    i am a professional medic one knife stab doesnt cause u to bleed to death instantly it makes u shock so is 1 knife cut the first knife cut would cause u to lose and die..

  17. Alberto Perez says:

    these are just basic drills to sharpen your tecniques and motor skills. remember that any thing in motion tends to stay in motion. for every action there is a reaction.i can tell you from experience in training and real live situations they do work…

  18. ThePadinator says:

    I agree. What many of these videos don't address is the mental part. A strong mind and a will to survive can make up for a lack of ability. A strong mind with little ability is better than a weak mind with much ability. You don't have to win a street fight, just survive.

  19. avdrummerboy says:

    hell yeah, I've given myself cuts on my buck knife and it slices right through, you don't even know until you start bleeding like crazy.

    Anyway, VERY TRUE, you cannot watch a couple of videos and know it all, you need at the very least to practice like the guys in the video.

  20. joshgates81 says:

    what im trying to do is convince people that watching a few knife defense videos on youtube will do more harm than good.

    NEVER think that you can disarm a knife wielding maniac. if its life or death, choose life, give it a shot fight for survival. but for real, dont watch a few self defense videos and think that you cant be cut. i dont care how tough you are, you are soft as butter when it comes to a knife fight!

  21. avdrummerboy says:

    True. I carry my buck knife w/ me as well. But you still need to consider what happens if you for whatever reason don't have a knife on you or your opponent disarms you.

  22. joshgates81 says:

    look man i do bjj twice a week and judo three times a week. i carry a buck knife for cowards who wanna stick me. the last thing im gonna do is try to control his knife arm with some crazy jiujitsu move.
    if he attacks with his knife im going to attack his exposed wrist or elbow with my knife,
    if i dont have my knife out,
    im going to PUSH KICK him away to create distance for me to ….
    A> RUN!
    or B> get my knife out,
    then C> RUN!

  23. AmericaPoliced says:

    His attacks look good. Very realistic! One thing I don't like about the response is they deflect and then set up again to defend against another attack. Maybe this is just a deflection practice session. But, after the initial deflection there should be some kind of follow up control.

  24. joshgates81 says:

    just run. for petes sake dont jiu jitsu someone whose attacking you with a knife. you gotta be retarded. RUN!!!!! how come instructors teach student to fight?!?!?! seriously run if you can. only fight if you have no other option, which is rare as kcuf

  25. Richard Steel says:

    if the enemies got a kinfie ur gonna get hurt. no question about it. if u r lucky and good fighter then u can get it off em easily but its usually just a good idea to run like the clappers and call for mommy :p hehe

  26. aiyer1989 says:

    Not a bad movie. He brings it forward that if someone attacks you with a knife, you will get cut. Not many instructors do that. The circular motion is good also, although I would always follow up with a lock, knock out… like he did at the end of the movie.
    One of the best DVDs I think, although a real instructor is still better.

  27. Dave says:

    hi guys,
    that means "Vee" is the name of the founder of this system ? or for what it´s stand for ?
    this combination looks very interessting. Never stop training ;>

  28. Larry says:

    This may be no joke … bUT WHY DEFEND CONSTANTLY … NO AGGRESSION . There needs to be an end . Defend then protect and finish , cut or not . Or it is just a game .

  29. James Judy 3 says:

    I know that everyone starts somewhere, but these guys are too inexperienced to be stress tested. It almost seems like they're trying to make it a workout, too. Mostly I see a teacher trying to look impressive against the backdrop of his students' inexperience. JMHO.

  30. James Judy 3 says:

    Hell, I just don't know what to say. Why would someone drill students UNDER STRESS when they lack ANY SOUND TECHNIQUES!?! This type of drill can be useful, but only in controlled situations when attackers will be attacking with their trainers along paths that the student has drilled defenses for. These guys look like beginner knife defenders & beginning knife users.

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