David Carradine – Best Knife Fight Ever! – The Long Riders

“Handkerchief” knife-fighting scene with big Bowie knives from Walter Hill’s 1980 western “The Long Riders” between bandit Cole Younger (David Carradine) …

45 thoughts on “David Carradine – Best Knife Fight Ever! – The Long Riders

  1. AssinnippiJack says:

    Saw "The Long Riders" when it came out 37 years ago. I remember thinking how much David looked like his veteran-actor father John. Straight out of 1939's "Stagecoach" with John Wayne.

  2. INCOG NITO says:

    Thanks for the video. I don't like the whore or the rag. Any D.C. fans : "Americana" a 1983 American drama film starring, produced, edited and directed by David Carradine. With music written and performed by D.C. He employs the Town's people as actors.

  3. Leon Allan Davis says:

    Has to be the absolute stupidest thing I've seen in a long time…perhaps ever.
    It wasn't uncommon at various times in history to tie a couple of condemned criminals together and give 'em each a knife or sword. Romans did this a lot.
    But no one ever voluntarily did this sort of thing. At least not after firearms were invented.

  4. jamesha175 says:

    yalls want to learn knife fighting? grab a buddy and each of you gets a sharpie ink marker. every mark on your skin is a cut from a real knife. eventually yalls get pretty good at blocking and such.

  5. Anderson C says:

    "best knife fight ever"?? It was dark and you don't really see any actual knife fighting. ..wanna see actual knife fighting on film….find Exposure starry Peter Coyote. Takes place in Brazil. As real as it can get in a movie.

  6. Jeff Burke says:

    Best movie ever. My Pops had Long Riders on vhs when I grew up. We spent many a rainy Sunday afternoons watching Long Riders, Pale Rider, Outlaw Josey Wales, etc. He raised us up right

  7. alchemistoxford says:

    David Carradine was a superb actor – but this was not a real knife fight. In fact, this had nothing to do with knife-fighting. A real knife expert would have ended this fight with either of the combatants in no more than 30 seconds.

  8. J J Townley Sometime-composer of Piano Concertos says:

    Long Riders….one of the 10 best westerns ever made. Genius for casting four sets of real-life brothers to play the leads: the Keach's, Carradine's, Quaid's, and Guest's. The best part of the movie? Too many to name but this one is certainly up there. Best part of this scene… 3:58 when Star takes Carridine's knife to the cow of his leg, spits out the cloth and smashes the mug of beer with his fist before falling to the ground.

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