Darren Grimes on police bias, culture war and defunding the BBC



TPUK’s Jack Ross interviews Darren Grimes of Reasoned on police bias, the culture war and defunding the BBC. Subscribe to Reasoned here …

20 thoughts on “Darren Grimes on police bias, culture war and defunding the BBC

  1. saltburner2 says:

    The problem is that the law (or at least police guidelines) requires them to investigate any frivolous of vindictive claim of racism, sexism, transphobia etc. as a matter of urgency. It is a grievance-mongers charter.

  2. Joe ward says:

    Socialism is so blatantly evil it must shut down any dissenting opinion or risk being exposed. In America we still have freedom of speech so it’s our big tech and media that are trying to shut down our freedom’s. So UK fight the good fight. Once we take back ground here we will help to fight the evil of socialism in our mother country again.

  3. RobRoyBoaz says:

    The sooner people realise that Britain has become a very subtle police state that is gathering even more momentum the better, because then we can strategize on how to deal with it. But Nazi Germany does spring to mind.

  4. Kathryn Bell says:

    Two can play at this game. The police have picked a side, so we need to inundate the filth with complaints EVERY SINGLE TIME a leftie makes a racist comment. Doing what that dried up old bag Yasmin Brown did to Laurence Fox is a Sec 4A public order offence – intentional alarm, harassment or distress.

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