DAMAG-INC “Kali-fist”, palm-stick techniques for streetfighting using the closed pocket knife.

Filipino Kali is an art of improvisation and adaptation most especially when it comes to random application when it mattered the most. Common-sense methods from the “poor-man’s survival guide…

32 thoughts on “DAMAG-INC “Kali-fist”, palm-stick techniques for streetfighting using the closed pocket knife.

  1. Graceguia says:

    i think it is great u r showing this.
    a good 'ol classmate had a small stick he used similarly. our training system was based on self defense so everything was based on a counter-attack. for a whole year in judo afterwards i did not know or understand why they told us to attack, attack, attack.

  2. A BROUHAHA says:

    I'm not arguing who's tactic is better by any means, I'm saying I disagree with yours but its about opinions right? I just keep pestering you because you choose to contiue to be insulting about it when you could've left it at I disagree

  3. Dan Juan de Siga says:

    (shakes head with a blank stare) That we agree that your girly-man quest just to get the last word without a point is getting way too damn old. The point of your blade won't ever touch mine and if that's where you want it to lead to, I really do wish you the best of luck in enjoying your last breath in trying. Kiddo.

  4. A BROUHAHA says:

    this is seriouslt gettin old, I've tried using the "agree to disagree tact" but you just can't let it go can ya? another fucking brute with no another want than to pumel something

  5. Dan Juan de Siga says:

    A lot of idiots on here posting like they know all about how to fight with a knife.
    Those of us who have actual real-world experience KNOW the posers on this thread and they know who they are.

  6. Dan Juan de Siga says:

    As a matter of fact, I have been in quite a few and I do not regret surviving either of them. There's even police records of it. Yes, I dig pepper spray and gun use also. In security/"executive protection" jobs, I do use them also along w/ extendable baton. We still USE WHAT WORKS. As far as"Knife-FIGHTING" is concerned, there's really no such thing. You either live or you die. As far as you're concerned, we laugh while you cry… like the girl that you are hahah. Go back to your dolls, kid.

  7. Dan Juan de Siga says:

    Kiddo, if you're ever been in an actual street encounter w/ knives before and actually survived then your bs is worth heeding. Until then, you're the joke. So just sit there and whine while we laugh at you. This is about streetfighting and "using what works" to prevail. Something you obviously know nothing about which is apparent.

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