Dagger Knife Fighting Techniques 09 – Reverse Grip vs Forward Grip, Changing Grips

In this video we discuss a particular aspect of how reverse grip compares to forward grip and we continue our video series that explores the differences between …

10 thoughts on “Dagger Knife Fighting Techniques 09 – Reverse Grip vs Forward Grip, Changing Grips

  1. David Lewis says:

    reverse = pros: faster, defensive and offensive at same time. cons: range and versatility.
    the reverse grip is faster, and can be used to deceive people by quickly going from one position to another, this speed brings with it power (f=ma) allowing the reverse grip to do more damage. it can be held in a defensive position near the face, that can easily and quickly be turned into an offensive position at will. the reverse grip can be used with the same versatility that any other grip has, except that it is a lot harder to get into the positions, making it less graceful, and more of a burden to try to do it. the reverse grips specialty is directional attacks, with it's weakness being straight attacks.

    forward = pros: versatile, good range. cons: power and stance.
    the forward grip can be seen an an extension of the arm, allowing it to have more range, and more maneuverability. the forward grip is fast to change positions, and thus deceptive in that way, however it is not as powerful as the reverse grip can be. when holding a forward grip, you are limited to one hand defense, but it is a good defense against attempted grappling.

    is this all correct? please elaborate if not.

  2. Matt Molock says:

    I've watched all of your dagger and mindset test videos. I want to thank you for the insight that you have given me that I am going to take with me and practice for defense. Thank you very much. Please keep the videos coming. May God bless you and your family!

  3. Wal R says:

    YEEESSSS!!! More dagger!!!
    But really, reverse grip is MUCH more lethal, more powerful and attacks directed towards upper body,(which is more fatal) 
    Also better weapon retention and reverse grip forces you to stab, which forward grip usually people slash, but slashing usually just light cuts when you've got jackets on.

  4. IaMaPh1991 says:

    You make a good point concerning the dagger having strengths and weaknesses depending on the angles it strikes from. Fiore himself is quite explicit on teaching a system that is slightly asymmetric in favor of presenting techniques with higher rates of success than with those that he would consider risky or unsafe (and even says that some techniques should only be done in armor for good measure). As a rule of thumb, you will rarely see forward grip attacks done from above and only once do you see a reverse grip technique from below and even the latter is considered to be moreso a parry to open the line for a descending blow anyway. The reason for this is as you pointed out; its easy for an opponent to seize initiative and, as Big F puts it, "lock you in the iron gate" by suppressing your elbow and wrist.

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