Dagger Knife Fighting Techniques 05 – Fighting with the Reverse Grip; Pointers and Sparing

After giving the forward grip so much attention, its time to talk about the reverse grip.

26 thoughts on “Dagger Knife Fighting Techniques 05 – Fighting with the Reverse Grip; Pointers and Sparing

  1. ZUPER GAMERxd2 says:

    you now the reason iam watching this is because i got in a fight in the supermarket and i got him dead and cring then when he was going he threatend me that i will call my gang we have a knife i told him shut you will just get kitchen knife he said u will see he is a f@#&ing kid

  2. Kristian Keller says:

    how would you defend your self with running and flying heymaker ,with full rage ? like some speed up torpedo ,fighting for his life ,becouse he sees knife ? also consider if someone might go for takedown .
    I would like to see some video like that . There is a lot at knife fighting , a lot options and positions . I like your vids 😉 keep going with your work

  3. BabuyKaKiller says:

    Makes the old guy (me) very happy to have a 1911 in my Miami rig. Otherwise not having to prove my 'manhood' to anybody I would throw the damned thing at my adversary, run as fast as the old fat guy could … Turn and double tap you knife guys with +P flying ash trays and be damned glad if I walked away intact. I have a couple BC41 knuckle duster knives with the edge and n what appears to be the reverse side. Any idea how to use one of them? FYI great vid. Etc. etc. thanks for your time, information and EFFORT!

  4. ambivalent ambiguity says:

    enjoyed your video. subscribed. You're on point about the reverse grip defending the head. one drawback to reverse is you're deprived of that Thor-like pommel leverage to the head, alto you still can step inside and hook the pommel to the face with an added trailing slash should you just graze. where are you guys?

  5. DJ Indigo says:

    As your opponent tries to lunge and strike, defend the blow then lunge yourself at him giving your legs enough force to sweep him and take him to the ground. Thats what i do.

  6. Soul Assassin says:

    Boxing is my skills and my friend (who was into knife fighting for years) suggested i stick to what i know best. I tried the classical ways of striking and it just didnt work for me. I felt most comfortable with the reverse grip and i can "jab" the threat fast and i find it easy to stick the blade in their face.

    With footwork, i did just fine in knife sparring against my friend who has been training for about a decade.

  7. linktheelf says:

    That is what know as second dary atacking for mation basicly if your in a jam and he no ck like he said then go ahead but dont re,ly on it it could do you good but know when to use it

  8. br t says:

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  9. Joe Cannabyte says:

    Great pointers, fellas! (I EDC a ka-bar short so these techniques are damn near perfect for my purposes. I'm also was amateur boxer, pre-injury, so that lends itself to Emerson Knife boxing, Pikal, footwork, and various FMA techniques and a lot of the stuff here, I reckon)

    Is that an ARMA outfit your partner is wearing?

  10. 556 edcsurvival says:

    idk about reverse grip hard choice for most I like forward and instead of stabbing, slicing is more traumatic. even if your stuck with a small blade u can still slice. first cut people go into shock most of the time. forward grip gives u more reach also, not saying stabs and pokes don't have a place because u get what u can in a life or death situation.
    reverse vs forward  grip vid we talk about both check it out!

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