Dagger Knife Fighting Techniques 03 – Introducing the Forward Grip

In this video I talk about long knife or dagger fighting with the forward grip. I highlight some of the unique ways it can be used and talk about how it is …

22 thoughts on “Dagger Knife Fighting Techniques 03 – Introducing the Forward Grip

  1. The Tested X711 says:

    What is someone better off getting for combat in a knife fight, an 8"Bowie blade or a 7" Fairbairn Sykes dagger?

    The Bowies around let's say 12oz, has a belly that can slash and clip point wich can stab and the FS is 8-1/2oz and double edged no belly dagger but superb penetration compared to the Bowie.

  2. earendil calmia says:

    i wanted to look like i new how to fight, for Halloween and got a prop sword. but i wanted to know how. with this vid i know how to actually use one and look it Halloween. im going to study all of the vids on daggers. i do like the forward grip best thew.

  3. Michael Groesbeck says:

    The way this country is going, I bet you'll have the chance. You can put me on your shit-list if you think it prudent.

    & please work on your grammar. Obviously I respect Deeds over Words…but if you "suck" with words…then violence, not leadership, is your only strength.

  4. Meejhem23 says:

    have you ever tried holding the dagger in frontal grip just beside your stommach, and pulling the opponent towards you, onto your cold steel, with your left arm?

    its a very unexpected move, and it also makes both your body weights combine into the trust.

  5. Jakelol1980 says:

    Your knife fighting videos are the best on youtube and does not have alot of fancy blocking and parrying that alot of the so called "knife fighting instructors" have, that does not work in full speed in a real knife fight. Im saying just watch Dog Brothers 😉

  6. wiskadjak says:

    These techniques are very similar to those used in rapier fencing. When employing the dagger alongside the rapier most period fencing manuals show the dagger held in the forward grip. Personally, I find the forward grip, with the quillons held horizontal, is the easiest way to parry & counterattack.
    Great video. Pure dagger fights (with flexi-blades of course) are a lot of fun.

  7. jerkwitha3 says:

    Oh yeah, thanks for bringing that up. Yes, I do want to see your video and I do know of Rex Applegate. I don’t know enough, but I have seen some of the knives he designed. Notice how he favors double edged, long, fixed, pointy blades. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Jake Hay says:

    My combatives instructor taught me that back in the second world war col. rex applegate "revolutionized" knife fighting by introducing, among other things, the paintbrush grip, which is holding the blade with the edges angled horizontally. this allows you to transition quickly between slashes and strikes. when i have the time i'll post a video if you care to see how it works

  9. jerkwitha3 says:

    @sunsetclimber2 Great question, and thank you for watching. 12" blades give or take 2 inches are certainly in period. But not just any 12" blade. The designs of blades that this fighting style was designed for are surprisingly light, rigid, and very pointy. Many modern blades lack the lightness and rigidity of the historical replicas. This would be a good topic for another video.

  10. sunset.climber says:

    I've been watching all your knife fighting videos in order, and i've finally got a semi-intelligent question worked out. Is there a knife that's too long for this stuff? I've played around with what i think are around 14" blade lengths, and we mostly end up "slashing" with those, because it's so much faster (provided your wrists are up to the challenge). What's the upper limit on dagger length?

  11. ddddcheaper says:

    @jerkwitha3 I like reverse grip, but I have one brother that likes his bowie knife, so theres a forward grip lover that I will test, and I have another that I think believes he will never use a knife in combat because he has his guns. I think edged weapons will be the most USED concealed weapon in the future. No noise, no ammo, not noticeable, can be made of any rigid material (evade metal detectors, large audiences, ease of getting armed in a pinch) krav maga folks, learn it.

  12. jerkwitha3 says:

    @ddddcheaper I'm really glad to hear this. When you try it out on your brothers, there is one strike I want to draw your attention to. The forward grip thrust to the face with the elbow pointed directly up. Strike fast and move forward into the opponent as you strike. I think you will notice they will have a noticeably hard time fending that off until they figure out what your doing.

  13. ddddcheaper says:

    @jerkwitha3 Yep, USA.Ive been playing with the forward grip the past hour, and I think you used it best.Those fast strikes from the shoulder are destructive,and the strike is clean if fired strait from the shoulder.Most of it depends on physical limitations, defense options,and opponent style-and the ability to quickly take advantage of openings.I say, integrate forward and reverse in practice,and this is solid technique for the forward grip. Im gonna spar with my brothers, well see how it works

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