Dagger Knife Fighting Techniques 02 – Lesson on Thrusting.

In this video lesson I catalog all of the kinds of thrusts that you should be familiar with in a way that is easy to learn and practice.

20 thoughts on “Dagger Knife Fighting Techniques 02 – Lesson on Thrusting.

  1. Regal Render says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I really can't think of a way that two people with two daggers of the same length wouldn't both just stab each other through the abdomen, and thus kill each other. Do to the length of the dagger, they can't really be used like swords, where a swordsman could theoretically out maneuver his/her opponent and deliver a fatal blow while avoiding a cut themselves. In a dagger vs dagger battle, where both weapons are the same length, using any of these 8 strikes that you show (which seem like the best stabs a blade of this length can make) two people of any size will just run each other through and both die, as the blade length is not long enough to allow one person to get into a killing position without the opponent also getting into a killing position.

    The only thing I can think of that would stop this is if one fighter was able to cut the forearm of the other and thus cause them to drop the dagger, where a killing blow could then be applied.

    Is there a way for a daggerman(?) to stab another dagger man and not get stabbed himself? Or does dagger vs dagger combat require disarming the opponent before being able to kill them?

  2. White Kita says:

    So the longer the blade the better of course but ….are there not some knifes better then others when it comes to a street fight?..I really would love to hear form an knife fighting expert about what knife would be the best for me (a girl) to use in self-defense!!… I love knifes but I am no knife specialist, can you or any knife fighting expert check out the knifes I have (in my knife collection Video) and tell me what whish on of those knife that have would be the best weapon?

  3. Ben Huynh says:

    I think this is a great Video
    Some people asked why he didn't make a video about slashing
    Well because with a short blade ( 10 – 13 inches long ) you can easily hurt your enemy with a slash. However with a pocket knife ( 5-7 inches long ) slash doesn't create much damage. It only makes your enemy more aggressive ( YOU WILL DIE )
    I have a pocket knife about 7 inches 🙁 the blade is about 3 inches. In my case, thrusting is the best choice, even when I use reverse grip. 😀

  4. Welther47 says:

    The reversed grip is very easy to "catch". A very good way of training is to paint a wooden dagger/knife with something that rubs of (Ex lipstick) and fight at full speed. You quickly finds out what works and what dosen't. And everybody can tell how many cut you got and where.

  5. Mosconis Adepto says:

    in a defence situation (ex burglar in your home) if u lose the surprise factor the best thing is to assume a swordsman stance and expose the less u can of your body and vitals, never trust with both shoulders perpendicular to the target. then it's very hard to remember tricks or specific movements in a critical situation, better to have a good neutral stance and don't think just relax the muscles and take advantage of of any opportunity. btw if he have a gun u r fucked up anyway

  6. Ogre Punch says:

    Ive noticed that the reverse hand is most effective with slashing with occasional thrusts. Think about it while holding it reverse handed you can go handle first and follow with the blade to slash.

  7. bbaquiran says:

    Around 4:00 you mention a problem with transitions. Don't try to transition around the clock face. Instead, go across. So from a 3 o'clock thrust chamber back to the opposite side and turn it into a 9 o'clock thrust. I think you'll find the thrusts will flow smoother this way.

    Let me know if it works for you.

  8. Nadie Durán says:

    I've noticed that in ancient treatises the forward grip is mainly used when the dagger is used in combination with sword as a secondary weapon.

    But when using the dagger as main weapon, the reverse grip is most usual in many old treatises. So while the forward grips gives you a longer range, I suspect that the reverse grip is most effective in closer distance. A dagger fight can quickly (and usually will) become a body-to-body situation, where the reverse grip is more lethal. Am I right?

  9. jerkwitha3 says:

    Worth the money? Eh, a bit of wooden dowel with foam padding that is duct taped up is a great training tool. Sometimes I prefer to use that the most. It depends on the kind of training you want to do, the length you need to train with, and how rigid and stiff you need the tool to be effective in the particular weapon you’re simulating. I think its good to have at least two of these and break them out every now and then, just remember, they are not rigid like real blades.

  10. jerkwitha3 says:

    I think the one in the video is either cold steel or it’s the Boker training knife. I own two of each. IMO, the Cold Steel dagger is stiffer than the Boker and I usually prefer the Boker because I think the Cold Steel dagger is too stiff. Sometimes I get a training partner who is not registering hits or wearing too much clothing to feel them and I switch to the Cold Steel dagger. I like having both but if I bought just two they would both be the Boker trainers.

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