Dagger Knife Fighting Techniques 01 – Introduction, what is the historical western method?

I’m starting a series of videos about short blade fighting. This video kicks it off with an introduction. User comments will lead me to make decisions on what …

44 thoughts on “Dagger Knife Fighting Techniques 01 – Introduction, what is the historical western method?

  1. HotaruZoku says:

    Can't say whether or not I'm on board yet, but you DID manage to damn near scare me as much at the thought of facing a dagger as a /gun/, so if that was your intent, well done.

  2. 24evanesce says:

    recently bought a dagger with an 8" blade. it's not very sharp, but i don't necessarily need it to be, since i bought it to be mostly decorative, not for the purpose of killing people. but i will feel cooler understanding how it would be used if i did sharpen and put it to use. 

  3. cMaXeJIJIo says:

    I was attacked with a knife once and let me tell ya: for an unprepared person like myself at the time those slashing movements(even though it was a POS pocket folder) were pretty intimidating(thus, psychologically, if not physically, effective). Actually, just the fact of your opponent having a weapon is intimidating hehe

  4. The Kentiquad says:

    i watched the last video of the guy attacking the girl, and i would've loved to see some one put a 12 gauge slug straight to his head from point blank, and those people should have been kicking him in the face, head shots are more effective, a straight good kick to the jaw will surely break it. that would've ended that senseless stabbing…. man i fucking hate people

  5. sckarekrow says:

    You sir are spot on and absolutely correct in your perspective. I have studied edged weapon and modern tactical weapon application for 25 years. As a 20 year Filipino system student it is an absolute fact that without Spanish Fencing, FMA is little more than tribal nonsense. Western fighting systems are where it is at. Asian mysticism based systems have very little to do with actual combat.

  6. jerkwitha3 says:

    I would say the historical method favored the head as a target and built the blades to be very suitable for that. Most of them were either ideal against the human head or ideal against armor (one or both) depending on what was expected to be encountered. Today there are some modern blades I would consider suitable for that as well but most all of them are fixed blade and few of them are both light and strong like the historical designs.

  7. jerkwitha3 says:

    Thanks for the kind comments and watching the video. Good question by the way. The short answer is yes. Short blades very in design from time and place. Many of them were designed to penetrate armor yet also be light in weight. The rondel was designed to penetrate plate armor. Some latter renaissance daggers were meant to fight unarmored opponents (those were lighter and thinner.) Most all of them were very well designed to go through the human skull.

  8. Lottalicious says:

    Thank you very much for sharing all this knowledge with us! It's really interesting. Just a question, and I apologise if you speak of this in a later video, I haven't watched them all yet. How strong is the dagger blade? Can it easily break or stab through bone? Or must we find the softer, unprotected areas of the human body and attack there?

  9. Andrej Bobrík says:

    During our HEMA research we came to the same conclusions. It is nice knowing that there is still someone out there who focuses his work on dagger and actualy is thinking what is he doing. Great going!

  10. Michael Groesbeck says:

    Western Swords & Weapons tend to be more straight & linear than Middle or Eastern Weapons.

    Western Styles are also more Linear than Circular.

    Middle & Eastern styles tend to be more Circular.

    Philosophically speaking..in general terms of culture, politics, & religion….Blacks & Whites are far more Linear while everyone else is more Circular or Curved.

    I just hope people take note of these tendencies.

  11. Michael Groesbeck says:

    ps: The pork was fixed.

    How your target was anchored down affected what type of damage you could inflict.

    Wrists are in motion & must be slashed pulling away from their shoulder in order for such a cut to be made.

    I prune trees with a tomahawk…trust me, I know what angles I can attack a branch from with a single devastating slash.

  12. Michael Groesbeck says:

    Not all slashes are that strong or accurate. Check your pride & stop having a "Oh yeah? Watch this!" attitude.

    & no, human bones are generally tougher than pork. There is a difference in calcium intake that determines the hardness of bones & their overall hardness.

    Until you slash apart more than just a pig, I'll continue to use my logic & judgment as my rubric for training & combat.

  13. Michael Groesbeck says:

    Could you do a video on Bracers/Armlets & Shield type defenses?

    Oft times a person has to improvise so if you study the correct techniques of block & parry & what objects can do what, that would greatly add to your series of videos.

    ps: Maybe a video on Axes & Hammers vs Knives? The relationship between the two weapon types involve Power vs Speed.

  14. JaguarSevenNova says:

    your right about the dagger being a terrible thing and destroying unarmed attackers. my martial arts teacher said. if your unarmed and facing a knife, if you can't equalize the situation. run and run fast

  15. jerkwitha3 says:

    I would be very pleased to improve the believability of how this material is represented in fiction. If your book becomes published please let us all know. Thanks for your comment.

  16. Brian Smith says:

    LOL, what do you mean slashing with a knife only produces a shallow or not deep wound on the skin, LOL, using a 4 inch folder I slash pork wrap with denim thru the Bone, even a slash to the arm from that knife would kill you bec of blood lost,.

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