Dagger fighting

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22 thoughts on “Dagger fighting

  1. Seth R.C says:

    …is soo slow! And if you offer your el-bow like that- to a foe… exposes your back, etc…so I know, you're not going to land that blow. Holy shit he's the next Eminem

  2. Fletcher .K says:

    Ice pick grip is better for applying more force (why it was used in mideval times against armor) and the regular grip is more maneuverable and quicker (not to mention more natural)

  3. Ogier Erens says:

    I know this is a poem and a good one at that. But as someone who has knifetraining and pencak silat training, i think it's fair to say that i have some idea why the icepick-grip is a handy way of holding your knife. Since the icepick-grip has the advantage of all the blocks and deflects being executed in the same way as a normal fight. So the only thing you have to do with a knife in icepick-grip after you block is extending the movement past your opponents body it has connected to. This makes that defending is easily done and attacking in easy ways is stupid, so they will have to try something difficult making their own chance at mistakes a lot higher. The only downside of this grip i would say is that holding it icepick-grip takes away from your reach. But if you like defensive fighting you will let the opponent make the first move and countering will be an easy thing. I think it's all a matter op what your preference is. This is the same as in normal fighting, your stance can differ from what your preferences are, when you have a weapon the type of grip is the difference in preference. Next to that the example you give is of a man with the knife pointing upwards stepping forward to stab forward at someone, defending this means turning the body moving out of the way of the knife. This means that one arm is closer to the opponent because of the turn. When i have my knife in an icepick-grip i can now make a move as i would make an hook punch at the extended arm with my knife cutting the arm as i pass over it. This means a very powerful and natural move. I hope i explained clear enough why it's a matter of preference and fightingstyle instead of one thing clearly being more useful.

  4. NoWorriesMate says:

    The first time i watched this a while ago, i did not hear it was a poem. Not at all. Now, just because of the stabbing clarification that i now out of boredom picked up, i have come back here and JUST realised this whole thing is a poem. (I did not even realise it at the end card. I was just confused why it said what it said.)

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