CUT & STAB PROOF? | Graphic Content Warning

An innovative, patented cut, slash and stab resistant clothing line designed to save the lives of our front liners as well as civilians. But does it really work? See for …

25 thoughts on “CUT & STAB PROOF? | Graphic Content Warning

  1. Phillip Santillanes says:

    It is very amusing at how there is multiple people complaining that the material does not stop the impact itself. This is real life! Real life is ugly! However, I would rather have bruised/broken ribs any day than to have a knife stuck in my kidney or one of my lungs. Basically it is the same concept as Kevlar; Majority of the time (depending on caliber) it will stop the bullet but it will still feel like you were hit with a sledgehammer.

  2. Rattanarerg Onyaem says:

    Nothing in this world is cur proof even a diamond can be cut with proper method.
    Thay why all that product use word "cut resistant" ,and that why they have to indicate level of that resistant.
    Say if that fabric is really cut proof how can they cut it and sew it to that shape?

  3. Asoka Mano says:

    There is no such thing as cut proof,stab proof, or even bullet proof vests all these vests would be resistant vests. I could be wrong but in this video it looks like the vest is cut resistant not stab resistant, which is ok depending on what your job in policing is, if you're a security guard or police officer. If you're a security guard that does loss prevention you might consider a stab resistant vest because of knives and needles. if you do events and your company allows you to wear a vest for protection you might consider a cut resistant vest. So far there are no such thing as vests that are both stab and cut resistant. Police officers wear bullet resistant vests which are limited to some guns. Bullet resistant vests won't stop a knife from going through,just as stab or cut resistant vests won't stop a bullet.

  4. Andrew Jackson says:

    WTF??????? Application for Police, Sec, Guards??? How about for Civilians WHO want to LIVE??? after an attack??? I know you guys are doing great job.. I know.. it shows. I think in the future.. the civilian will be your prime clients. Gov..s will be out of $$$$ cuz people will just stop paying $$$ taxes to them.

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