Cut Down a Tree With a Pocket Knife

You might find yourself in a survival situation where you need to fell a tree to make shelter, a raft, fire wood, etc. If you don’t have an saw or a hatchet, hopefully …

45 thoughts on “Cut Down a Tree With a Pocket Knife

  1. Rice Villatoro says:

    There is absolutely NO WAY in a survival situation this would make logical sense!! The amount of calories you would burn cutting down 1 tree just to make a shelter will put your life in danger if you do not have enough food and water. The purpose of a shelter is to make it out of deadfall and brush so that you will conserve energy and to stay put so you will be found, or move to higher ground so they can see you from a helicopter.

  2. Chris Harpster says:

    how to void a knife warranty in 3 easy steps!
    1.) Find a tree
    2.) Put knife blade into found tree
    3.) beat on knife with branch until the found tree falls down.

    In a survival situation, why not take the already down trees, and make a shelter with them

  3. Komodo Dragon says:

    if I ever find myself in a survival situation, I will be damn thankful that I dont have you with me! Enjoy eating your tree and drinking the sap. The best thing you can do for yourself is to take a survival course from someone who knows what it takes to survive!

  4. James Ritchie says:

    This is an old video, but it's also the dumbest video on a survival situation I've ever seen. No, there isn't one chance in ten million I'll ever be caught in that situation, and even if I were, felling a tree with a pocketknife would be as stupid as it gets. In fact, it's stupid to use green wood for any of those things.

    But go ahead. Build a raft from that tree. Or build a shelter from that tree. Or turn that tree into firewood. I will not, however, wait until you do it. I don't have a hundred years to spare.

  5. yerp. says:

    Now I know y'all can't see me very good.
    Well no shit mate we can't see you becuase your filming with a potato in 20 fucking 17! Honestly people need to learn how to make videos

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